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I am a free man

Submitted by: Emanuel


A newly physically and mentally freed man who used the power of faith to rid himself of the biggest nightmare of his life.


Several months ago I was accused of a very serious crime. The accusation affected me in many ways, especially mentally. For a time I believe that life as I once knew was over for me. Although I was allowed to go out of jail on bond, I could not get my thoughts together, and I felt like I was still a prisoner. Since then I have spent most of my savings (about 35 thousand dollars) on legal fees, bond, and experts who are to be witnesses in my trial.

I knew that it all was coming down to me and how I was to handle this problem. I knew that ultimately no one could make me a prisoner, physically and mentally, unless I allowed them to, so I began praying. I have always believed in God and in prayer, but up to that moment I had not had much contact with the Lord and hardly ever prayed. But I knew it was time to change that. So I began praying every day at different times of the day, thanking the lord for making me free. I also began reading other stories of people in similar situations, read passages from the Bible itself, and listened to music which sang about freedom.

I began visualizing not only freedom, but things I want to do with my freedom, such as finishing my degree, sailing around the world, becoming a professional pilot, visiting places and becoming a better me. I thank the lord for every day he allows me to go to work, for the food I eat, for the moments I spend with my loved ones, for the quiet moments and even for giving me the chance to attend church to worship him. I use affirmations about freedom, to the point where I am completely convinced that I am free already, that I will never go to jail, that the prosecutors and the judge can’t make me a prisoner, because the Lord is my attorney and my judge… it is up to him what happens to me, and I have asked him to allow me to go on free and end this nightmare for me, for his glory, so that I may serve him out in the world.

When the day of the trial finally came, I was ready. Feeling confident, I told the jury and the judge that I was an innocent man. And God was with me. He allowed me to go on free. The charges were dropped and I never set another foot in jail again.

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