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How I Found My Stolen Skimboard.

Submitted by: Wyatt Z.


I’m 18 years old and my mom made me watch The Secret movie when I was 17 years old, ever since then I been using The Secret in my everyday life.


During the summer of 2019 I was living away from home at the beach with 4 of my friends. My favorite hobby at the beach is skimboarding, a very popular sport at Delaware beaches. I was probably skimboarding almost every day down there. My board is a very nice one and probably one of the most expensive ones you can buy. My mom bought it for me for Christmas the year before so it had a very special place in my heart.

Anyway, one day I went to the beach alone and carelessly left my board unattended on the beach with my towel and bookbag while I went into the water. When I came out I noticed my board was gone and I panicked. I asked everyone around me if they had seen anyone take it and they all said no. I then proceeded to walk around the whole area of the beach looking but no luck. That night my roommate and best friend filed a police report for my board.

Now throughout that whole summer, I had spent a lot of time practicing The Secret by manifesting small things and I had a lot of success doing it. I decided the only way I could ever find my board again would be to use The Secret, however, I had never used The Secret to this magnitude before. I mean if you think about it, finding my board would be like finding a needle in a haystack. What if the thief was from another state and just visiting for the weekend? These thoughts were going through my brain at first but then I realized I had to shut down these negative thoughts. My strategy to bring back my board was simple. First I went into denial, many people told me my board was probably gone for good but I refused to believe it. I would tell them “Nah, I know I’ll find it”. Second I would tell myself that my board was not lost but still with me. Finally, I would make myself daydream about using my board at the beach and think about the good times I had using it.

Two weeks went by with no luck. I began to get desperate so I texted my mom and asked her if I could borrow her copy of “The Secret” book. I didn’t tell her why but she was very happy I asked and gave it to me the next time she came to visit me. Up until the end of summer, I read the book up and down so I could try and manifest my board back. Finally, summer came to an end and I did not find my board. I kept a positive attitude though, I knew the Universe likes to work in mysterious ways, so I kept an open mind.

Fast forward to two weeks into my second week of college. Me and my best friend that I mentioned earlier just got out of class and we were walking to our cars in the parking lot. As I get to my car he says the usual “See ya later man” and walks away. However, he doesn’t get too far. Two spots down from my car he notices something in the back of someone’s car, my skimboard! I hop out of my car and go to see if he’s being serious and sure enough, that’s my board!

Now to anyone who doesn’t know, most skimboards are custom made with very unique patterns on them so that’s how I was able to tell it was mine. My friend contacts the police, they show up and get me to confirm it’s mine. I show them a picture of it from when I first got it. The officer is convinced and brings the owner of the vehicle outside to try and figure things out. The owner of the vehicle did not hesitate at all and gave me my board back and began apologizing like crazy! The thief turned out to be sitting behind me in my math class! Since my board was expensive enough, the kid who stole it would’ve become a felon and would get kicked out of college. So, I decided not to press charges because I believe sometimes we all make very poor decisions.

After two months of studying the law of attraction, I was able to find my board, an hour up north from where it was stolen. There is no doubt in my mind now that The Secret can bring you anything your heart desires!

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