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Heath, Wealth And Happiness Is Possible

Submitted by: Anonymous


I am a 27yr old muslim girl living in Norway with my husband (the best and perfect for me). I am very thankful for all the joy, happiness and wealth in my life. In short living my dream life and attracting the best every day.


First I want to give lotssssss of thanks to Allah (God) for everything I have and everything I know is coming to me. I also want to thanks everyone who is involved in the making of The Secret.

Now my story:

Before I attracted The Secret:
My life was not so good before I knew The Secret all because of my lack of belief, bad habit of blaming myself and feeling that it is meant to be this way. I am Muslim, Islam teaches us the same to ask (in the prayers), believe and you shall receive. But not really knowing the correct way of applying it into my life. I did ask (pray) for things before but as I didn’t believe it with all my heart, I was talking and thinking that it is not possible for me. Long story short our marriage life was in trouble, money problems, lack of happiness and so on.

How we attracted The Secret:
We wanted a change for ourselves. We knew that something we can do to make a change but what and how?? The funny thing is that my husband and I got to know about The Secret the same day about a year and half ago. I was at home and watching Oprah show about The Secret. I called my husband and told him that we should buy The Secret book and DVD and he told me that his friend recommended the same book to him the same day. The next day we bought both the book and the DVD.

After reading and applying in our life:
The first thing The Secret did for us was that we become happier and got more happiness in our life to thank for. We stopped blaming ourselves and started enjoying what we had. We started to study more about the law of attraction and started applying it to our life. We have attracted many good things into our life by applying The Secret and I know that whatever we ask for comes to us in the best way possible

We have been married for about 9 years now, we wanted to have child and tried for more than 4 years but had no success. Now everything is coming into its place. Our life is getting better and better for every day. I am sure and am deeply thankful that I am getting pregnant and we are having a beautiful, happy, healthy and lucky baby boy. Now I have started buying clothes for my baby. I have started to visualise and I know with all my heart that we will be the happy parents before we realize.

What I want everyone to know: Please, pleas,e please feel good as much as possible, believe that what you ask for is possible for you, do good things to others (by helping others you are actually helping yourself), have faith always because everything is possible. Give thanks for every little thing in your life, visualize with feelings and be ready to receive. Expect miracles in your life.

One thing which is very important LET GO of the past and start all over today.

If you have faith and believe it you will receive. I guarantee that.

Wishing you all the very best in life. Wishing everyone good health, wealth and happiness.

I’ll be back with my baby story sooooooooooon.

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