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Healing My Mom!

Submitted by: R.

the world

I choose to be anonymous but my story is real, I'm sharing it because I know that it may help many other people.


So my story begins about 3 years ago, my mom was sick all the time. It looked like her health was getting worse to the point where she barely got out of bed, had no appetite and was really pale, moreover she was coughing a lot. One day she couldn’t breathe and was rushed to the hospital. I was 20 years old and my anxiety level was higher than ever before. I saw my parents going to so many hospitals and doctors, everyone talking but hiding it from me and my sibling. I was anxious, angry and thinking of the worst, lung cancer.

Then in the middle of this stressful time and before we knew for sure what was going on, I remembered the LOA, or to be more specific- “The Magic” book. I rushed to the page that was about helping someone else and then to the page that says that in order to manifest what you want you should imagine how you would feel when you finally got what you wanted. Think about who will be the first person you will share the news with and what will be the biggest thing you will do right after you get your desire.

I took a picture of my mom and did those 3 steps a few times. I visualized a scene where my parents stood in front of me and tell me and the family that the doctor said that she’s healthy again. I counted my blessings, wrote long lists of everything I am grateful for. I used everything in my power to get rid of my anxiety as it just attracts me bad news, and I replaced it with gratitude for my mom’s health. I swear to you, never in my life have I tried manifesting anything with that much energy and focus. I was determined.

And guess what?!

My mom and dad came back from the hospital after my mom was diagnosed and she finally was ready to tell me the truth. I was anxious at first but replaced my anxiety with the confidence that no matter what, she was going to make it. I walked into her room and told her “I know what you have, but you are going to heal” and that’s when she told me I was right because although she did have cancer, it was a type that you can heal from.

Well since then, she has been through chemo and other treatments, and I am happy to announce that my mom is healthy and well!!

When I did the 3 steps of The Magic, planning what I would do after I got my desire, I said the first big thing that I would do was to come here on this website and sharing my story. I kind of forgot and didn’t do it right away but I am here to fix that.

The reason it was so important for me to share this story is that when I was stressing out about this horrible situation and just wanted to do anything in my power to help my mom heal, I found a story of a boy who helped his friend heal. That made me confident that all of us have the power to help others manifesting health or anything else, as long as they want the same thing as well. I hope those of you who read my very long post will remember it in times of need and know your power is limitless.

I would like to thank Rhonda and the entire team of The Secret, everyone who shares their stories. Also, the doctors and nurses who treated my mom, our family and friends who were so kind and caring and showed my mom real pure love. Thank you to God, my will power, my dad for being the best husband to my mom and being 100% perfect with her, supporting her so much through it all, and lastly, my mom, for wanting to heal, for being strong and positive.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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