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I Got Into Medical School Despite The Odds.

Submitted by: daisy dave

New York

A happy go lucky girl.


Hey, my name is Daisy and I applied to medical school for the first time in my life this year. I had just finished a post-bacc program at an osteopathic school that had a great gate to admission into their doctor of osteopathic medicine program. The requirements to get in were to maintain a 3.3 GPA and get an MCAT score of 500 with a 124 in each section. My graduating GPA from undergrad was a 2.7, I never took the MCAT. My post-bacc program GPA was a 2.9 and I took the MCAT during that year and got a 494. Took it again that summer, 493.

I was scared but I told myself, whatever score I get is what I need to get to get in. It doesn’t matter what the number is, it is irrelevant, the Universe is working for me, and it knows what I want and why I want it. I took it one last time and got a 497. Still not a 500, but again, I trusted that what I had was enough. I sent in my application, with one school in sight. After sending in my app, I got denied not once, not twice, not three times, but 4 times!

I had decided I am not taking no for an answer, I deserve the interview. Sure I didn’t meet the requirements to get in but I met the requirements to get an interview. So I persisted and I fought for my interview. Two months later, I was at the school interviewing for a seat at the medical school I had always wanted to attend. Yes, I had doubts in my mind, maybe they just gave me the interview because I was being so annoying and pushy. But I quickly reminded myself, who cares? I want to be here and I am here, so now make the most of it. Show them why you should be here.

I went through with the interview and had the most amazing day. I hung out with my friends afterward and cherished my time in the town and told everyone to prepare for homecoming because this was my home, and this is the school I was meant to be at. I left feeling so happy and content with my trip and told myself I would be back soon.

Two weeks later I got an email saying I was waitlisted. I was elated. I knew that meant that I was good enough to be there, they liked me enough to have me, and even though their class was full they would have taken me if it wasn’t. So I kept hope. I knew that it would work out. I told the Universe, I want every applicant to get into their dream school, and I want to get into mine. Because we all deserve it, we have all worked so hard and we all want nothing more but to help those that feel helpless. And I knew, like I knew, like I knew, that the Universe was listening. I was going to get into this school whether it be the day before school starts or in May. I knew that this was where I belong, and I have never felt so proud and accomplished in any other moment than in this one right here.

I made it, I am a student doctor! I can not wait to help this underserved population and encourage them in every way I can. I can not wait to help fight for free, survivor sexual assault kits. I can not wait to offer aid to those in third world countries who don’t have the means to afford this “luxury”. I can not wait for the things that I will be able to do because I am finally going to be a US medical school graduate in 2023.

Thank you so much to the world, for always reminding me why I am on this journey and why it was always worth the fight. I only hope to give to the world what opportunities have been given to me. I can not wait for this part of my life to unfold. I am beyond thrilled. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Life is beautiful!

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