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Getting The Pup Off My Vision Board.

Submitted by: Victoria

New Zealand

I am a 22 year old who recently discovered The Secret. I used it to help myself to get out of grief and then forgot about it until recently. Now I try to practice it in my daily life. Love to all.


I am writing this to thank the Universe and to remind you all to never give up hope.

A few months ago I made a vision board and while some of the things have already come true, this is by far the biggest and most exciting one yet! For years my father and I have always wanted to get a second dog and we were very close to getting one a few years ago. But things fell through when our dog Ruby passed away. There was no way we wanted to buy two dogs right away.
Cut forward a bit and we got another dog called Indie and Dad and I were desperately wanting another dog. The sister to Ruby had a litter a while ago and we couldn’t get any pups because Mum really did not want another dog. Dad and I were sad but we moved on. Fast forward a bit and Ruby’s sister Amber, who was never meant to have another litter, recently fell pregnant. While it was likely that in a few months Mum would come around to getting another dog, that wasn’t good enough for me. I wanted one related to Ruby as I felt that having that dog would remind me of her and make me happy. Also I really liked the dog breeder.
Mum was so certain she did not want this dog, but I knew that we would be getting him.

I focused on my vision board every morning and afternoon. I envisioned driving to pick up the dog, taking him home, playing with him and teaching him. Every time I would see Indie, I would pretend there was a puppy next to her. Sometimes this blind faith was hard and I found it best not to ask “Are we getting a dog” a lot, as I didn’t always like the reaction and it knocked my down confidence. At times I felt like crying because through my envisioning, I began to love the puppy and therefore, not getting him felt like something had been taken away from me.

As a family we decided that we would only get the dog if all family members agreed. This meant mum had to be on board! My sister, father, and myself all work and mum has the most free time. There was no way we could get a dog if she wasn’t keen. We all want to help out with training and walking the pup but the reality was that mum would do most of the work due to her having more spare time.

At one stage mum had rung up and canceled the pup. I was devastated, not only because it meant we were losing the pup but also because it didn’t make much sense. I had been using the LOA. So deep down I continued to believe we were still getting the pup. I thanked God and the Universe every night before going to sleep and kept using my imagination whenever possible.

Then over the next few days, mum called up the vet to ask a few details about what it would be like getting a second dog. Over the next few days she began muttering that she was still thinking about getting the pup and was not certain of her decision. If you knew my mother you’d know that this was huge! As I said before, for years we had been trying to get a second dog and we had never had this reaction. I began to have more faith in my vision board and kept saying to Dad that I think we are going to be getting this pup. He wasn’t sure but I was confident enough for the two of us.

Cut forward a few days. I was sitting in my room and my sister came in with a big smile on her face. “We are getting a second pup” she said. I raced down the hallway to Mum and Dad’s bedroom. My mother was on the phone with the breeder and guess what??!!! There was only one pup left and it looks just like the one I placed on my vision board!!! Woohoo!!!

We are currently organising a few things around the house and will be collecting the pup in around one week. I seriously feel so thankful I could cry. This was huge! I told my mother after that I knew she would say yes, as I had the Universe on my side!

I cannot not state how thankful I am! This is massive, not only because of how previously getting another pup had always been impossible, but because this pup and this wish will always serve as a reminder for me to never give up on the beauty of my dreams. Everything on my vision board is coming true and my faith in the Universe has never been stronger.

Thank you Mum for allowing this. Thank you God and the Universe for always delivering. Thank you Rhonda for your books which have guided me. Thank you for my faith in the Universe. Thank you to everyone who submits their stories online as they have helped me greatly. And, thank you most importantly for the love that I feel daily that allows me to believe in the certainty and beauty of my dreams.


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