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  • Submitted by: Aeline
  • Date Posted: Jun 2, 2017
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Full Recovery From Back Pain!



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Full Recovery From Back Pain!

My story is about how I fought spine issues and had a full recovery. I was diagnosed with 12.5 mm of herniated disc on my lower back, as well as with 2 protrusions. I was about to have surgery to remove this issue and fix my back. But, I met a doctor who told me that neither neurologist nor neurosurgeon could really help me completely for this problem, just God. Only God can cure me in this kind of case. She told me to fight for recovery without surgery. So I did. I prayed to God and he answered me. I met manual therapist who was able to help me out.

There were times when I felt severe pains but watched The Secret, especially the part about the miracle man. I prayed a lot and stayed positive. And here I am today! I can walk without a stick now and do it vertically. It all happened due to my belief in my recovery without surgery by addressing my desire to God and the Universe and being positive.

In addition, I had no job but now I have one. I have been really motivating myself to stay positive in order to let good changes come into my life. Though, it was not that easy, I understood that gratitude is a great tool to achieve your goals. I am thankful for all these changes. I thank my close friends for their daily support!!! I thank Rhonda Byrne for her devotion to help people of the world. I know soon more good changes are coming and I am willing to write them here.

Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

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