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From Atheist, Pessimist To A True Believer

Submitted by: A true believer.


I am a woman who didn't believe in anything. Not even myself. I have gone through hell, cried out in agony for God to make himself known to me. I can say with every bit of sincerity I have inside me that I am a believer!


My story. I have always been a bit of a dreamer. My life was never a total mess but I never felt like I belonged anywhere. I had a huge problem in the love life area in my life. I would get the guy, fall for him, then once that happened, my bad luck, vibes and poor beliefs regarding men kicked in. Poof!!! He was gone.

It was an all too familiar story to me. I grieved and searched for the all elusive God to come and fix me. But he never did. I tried everything, affirmations, visualizing, prayers, begging and pleading, yet nothing seemed to improve my love life.

A few years back, I met and married the man I consider to be the greatest man I had ever encountered. I never looked for him, such as using the process of law of attraction, but one day he was there. I fell so deeply in love with him and things ran famously between us for a while.

Then it happened. He left me. My knight in shining armor became the all too familiar frog I was so used to. I was completely crushed. I felt as though I would die without him by my side. My nights were sleepless and tear filled and my days went by like painful reminders of what I didn’t have. I begged, pleaded, prayed, asked for spiritual help, anything and everything I could do, but to no avail. He wanted nothing to do with me. I could not believe God had slapped me in the face once again. It took 8 months of searching for answers in agony but because I knew he was the one for me I never gave in or gave up. I knew he was mine. My faith began at zero but my desire for him to be by my side over powered my fear and disbelief this time.

I came here and wrapped myself in these amazing stories of success. I watched The Secret and The Magic over and over again and I vowed this time I would do anything to win his love back. I would do anything to break my cycle of disbelief and heartache. There were days I felt as though I could really have him back and other days it was just a cruel joke and there was no Universal help, no God. But because of my deep love for my ex husband, I fought through the tears and made myself strong. I vowed to believe and do what The Secret taught me to do. Slowly, I began to see him coming back around. But, because of my impatience, the very frequency we cannot have when we want to manifest, I once again slowed things down.

One day, like a bolt of lightning, I realized that I must let go, trust and believe. No need to continue to ask.

Then out of nowhere and no way, my miracle was made almost over night. He came back to me and apologized for leaving our marriage! He begged me to forgive him and be his wife once again.

We will be married to each other once again before the end of this year. I want to tell anyone who has doubts to hold on to the one thing that got this doubting Thomas (me) to achieve what most people thought was impossible. Let go, have faith in what you cannot see in the physical world yet and truly believe in a power greater than you and I!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! First to God (Universe) then to Rhonda Byrne and The Secret teachers, to all the beautiful people who were able to share their stories to inspire me to achieve what I could not believe in and for giving me the gift of faith and bringing my true love back to me.

“And God calls things that are not seen as though they were and the unseen becomes seen.”

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