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Flowing Abundance Through Flowers.

Submitted by: Jesi Whitney

Utah, United States

Aspiring author and motivational speaker. I live to learn and grow and expand. We are the question of the universe but we are also the answer, we are consciousness, we are infinite, we are everything.


I first watched, “The Secret” when I was about 12. I immediately felt, within every fiber of my being, that the law of attraction was the secret to life and the key to all success and happiness. For years I would ponder on the subject and try to understand it’s magic but it wasn’t until I read Rhonda’s book, “The Power” when I turned 18, that I would truly understand how to use The Secret in my life.

After reading both “The Power” and “The Secret” and being on day 15 of “The Magic” which is another book you should seriously read, I decided I would like more money in my account. I had applied to a few jobs and I knew I’d get a call for a job offer any day, but in the meantime I literally had only $10 to my name. I just needed enough money to get me through one or two more weeks. At the time I had absolutely no possible way of income. None.

Well, I remembered reading in “The Power” that you have to really feel love and gratitude about money, or anything in your life really, if you want it to multiply. I read about how Rhonda didn’t have enough money left to finish her movie “The Secret” and how she gave away $200, the only money she had left, to perfect strangers, feeling love and gratitude toward the money she gave away. A few days later she was blessed with $25,000!! Can you believe that? I couldn’t! I talked to my aunt about that chapter, and my aunt then shared her testimony of Rhonda’s example. She told me she had no money for food until the week later, she only had $10 like me, so she used that $10 to buy flowers for her friends. As it turned out, every single friend she gave flowers to that week invited her over for dinner or offered her left overs, without even knowing she was struggling with food. She told me she never ate better than in that week.

I knew this was powerful information I was receiving, so I closed my eyes and breathed deep for a few minutes. I concentrated on altering my thoughts about money. “I have more than enough” I told myself, a smile creeping up on my face as I believed every word, “I can afford that, I can buy that. I have more than enough.” I felt gratitude and love for the money I had and I then had an inspired thought.

Flowers! I would give my other aunt, my friend and my grandma some flowers. I went to the store and my heart was honestly swelling with love. I pictured how happy this would make them and I couldn’t have been happier, smiling at the cashier and saying, “Thank you!” as I handed him literally the last of my money. $0 was what I had now but as I handed my aunt, my friend and my grandma these beautiful flowers I never felt richer.

That next day I went to the store for some groceries, my mother had lent me $50 cash. As I got in line I noticed a lady behind me and with a warm smile and still so much love and gratitude in my heart, I let her cut in front of me. My mom called to ask me a question and so I was very distracted until it was my turn to pay. I set my things down on the counter but the cashier looked at me and shook her head. “The lady in front of you paid for everything” She smiled. I couldn’t believe it. The lady was gone and tears swelled up in my eyes. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I screamed happily in my mind.

As I sat in the car with free groceries and tears running down my face, I felt inspired to check my bank account. The day before I had 18 cents but the total today was $55. How?? How?! I couldn’t help but repeat out loud again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I knew I was a money magnet, I felt so much gratitude. The next day I sold my old broken down car to pay off $200 that I owed. The dealership had previously only promised $200 not a penny more but when I went in they offered me $270 so my debt was paid and I somehow had another $70 just for me! That night I went to deposit my money in my account, only to realize a notice from the bank. The bank had made an error in my favor and I received $30 extra. Minutes after that, my card was having some issues so I called the bank, with so much love and gratitude, only to find out I had another account I had forgotten about that had $94 in it!!

So you see, it all started with one thought. Then one act of buying and giving away magic flowers with so much love and gratitude started a chain reaction and the universe shifted. I went from 18 cents to $250 in just 2 days. 2 days!! The day after that I felt so much love that I bought everybody in my family our favorite sodas which came to $8. As I gave the sodas away with love and happiness, I reached in my purse to find a random $5 bill and 3 one dollar bills just lying there! I tilted my head back and laughed aloud. I’m a money magnet! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

And since this magical, life transforming event, I have conquered money. I’m currently using The Magic Check, which you can find on this website, to attract $20,000 in my bank account. I know I’m a money magnet and that I am living in an abundant and loving universe that responds to my dominant thoughts and multiplies that which I am grateful for. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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