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Faith Like A Mustard Seed.

Submitted by: Soon to be Millionaire


Mother of 2 amazing kids, whom I wish to give the world to.


Thank you, God, for guiding me to The Secret. Thank you to Rhonda and everyone who takes the time to write their stories here. The law of attraction to me is really a law of faith. After reading The Secret, I now know that I have manifested before but didn’t know what it was.

When my son was a baby, I was struggling financially. I was taking diaper surveys to have diapers for him. One day, on the way to the survey I told myself that I would find money on the ground. I prayed about it and when I was walking into the building I was looking on the ground but didn’t find anything. I left feeling a little disappointed that I let it go and so I got in the car and started driving home.

I had to stop for gas and I pulled into the gas station and lo and behold, there was $50 on the ground! There was construction going on at the gas station so there were a lot of construction workers and the money was sitting there waiting for me. This was before I knew about The Secret.

I found The Secret in 2015 and by using it with my faith in God, I have manifested so many things, including the house I own now.

Last year, I went to see my sister in a play and they said they had a raffle afterwards. I told myself that I was going to win one of those envelopes. There were about 250 people in the audience and they only had 4. When they started to call names I was the first name to get called and I won $40! I didn’t even have to pay for a ticket, just put my name in the draw.

Over the past year, I let negativity and fear get the best of me and everything I feared happened. My finances took a downward spiral really hard. About a month ago, I had about $10 to my name and a week until payday. I reminded myself to have faith and let it go. I paid my tithes and paid the bills that I could with what I had left. I put it in God’s hands.

Little did I know I had an escrow check of almost $2,600 sitting in my mailbox from my escrow account. I’ve had my home for 3 years and I have never received an escrow check so I never thought to even look for that. To top it off, I had almost had to file bankruptcy to keep from going into foreclosure. I was behind on my mortgage and had to get help from an agency to catch up in the earlier part of this year, so I knew that I didn’t overpay my escrow, so it was totally unexpected.

I have so many manifestation stories. I’m not perfect and I lose faith sometimes and when I do, I have to pause and retrain my mind with positive thoughts. Every time I do that, things start turning around for the better.

My advice is to monitor your thoughts by your feeling and cancel all negative thoughts immediately. Speak positively, never say anything against what you wish to manifest. Act on it, even if it’s something small. Lastly, truly believe. My next few goals that I know will happen are to be a multi-millionaire before my 31st birthday, to pay off my current home in full within 30 days, and to take at least 2 out of the country vacations with my children before the year ends. I am so grateful for all that’s happened and will happen. I will be back to share those stories.

God bless you all. Never lose faith. Hold on to your dreams!

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