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Evolution Within.

Submitted by: Varun Ish Nanda

United States

I am Varun Ish Nanda, an Author of more than a thousand quotes on life and also a writer of Spiritual Books. All of this was a result of believing in The Secret..


It was winter of 2008, The media industry in Mumbai had a huge setback with labor laws and most of the TV shows at that time had to shut down abruptly. Soon followed a market collapse in the media industry and many of the producers were out of money to produce any shows for the next several months. I was hurt by it as well and had to leave my job of as Creative Head/Writer and go back home for an unknown amount of time in Jan 2009.

I was upset but I was at peace since I was at home with my Mother and my Grandmother. It was then that I read “The Secret” for the first time. I did not have anything to do that day and thus I found myself opening all the drawers of the house and checking what was in each one of them, an old passion of mine if I must say. Soon after starting reading the book, I got myself a DVD of “The Secret” as well, and watched it all night long. The next day, I watched it again to soak in each and every word mentioned in it.

I started applying The Secret in the sense that I started seeing myself as an accomplished author and a spiritual healer. I imagined that people know me from all over the world, take help from me and gain from me. Soon enough, I started writing one quote each day on my Facebook profile. Every single day I would just intend that I am a great writer, give my heartfelt gratitude to the universe and feel elated that the Universe is working for my benefit at all times. And each day, a new quote would pop up in my mind and I would share it with the world. It could evolve from anything I heard, saw or felt.

After around 2 months, one random morning at 4 am, I got a message in my FB inbox from an acquaintance saying that “You should write a book!” I surrendered to that thought and slept again. The next morning, when I woke up at 9 am, and  magically, I had the entire story line and structure for a book in my mind. I had all the characters formed in my head and all the places they would evolve from. I even had the name of the book and how the cover would look in my mind.

From there, I started writing my book every day and I was done with it in 3 months. As soon as the book was finished, the economic situation became better in the media industry and I got an offer to go back and start working somewhere in July. It was as if I was destined to write that book. I must mention that I had never read a single book in my life till then, except The Secret.
For the next 2 years I kept writing the quotes each day, while sharing my book with family and friends and getting their valuable feedback.

In the mid of 2011, my best friend, who was then running a startup company for making phone applications, got an idea and asked me to give him permission to save all the quotes on my Facebook profile as he had an idea for an App. He found out that I had written around 700 quotes since 2009! Soon the application wast launched in December 2011. He created it for free and we agreed to share the earnings through the Ads.

As of today, I have more than 100,000 followers all over the world on the Android Application “My Quotes For Life” which has become a unique source of inspiration for thousands of people all across the USA, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia and Africa as well. With dreams of making it big in the US Film Industry, I followed the love of my life and settled in Los Angeles in the summer of 2012. I also have my book “Nine To The Evolution” now published across all electronic platforms and is doing great wonders for thousands of readers all over the world.

The Secret changed my life and evolved a new me through my own mind. Thank you!

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