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Everything Happens For A Reason.

Submitted by: B.x


Happy, loving, excited and grateful.


So, it works. Even when it seems like all hope has gone and you don’t know where to turn, don’t give up.

Three years ago I was planning my wedding and getting ready for the big day. My partner and I had been together for many, many years. We were best friends. People looked to us as the perfect example of a couple, how couples should be. Sixth months later, without warning and just after getting married, it was over. Finished. He left. I was alone.

My world was turned upside down. I didn’t know how to exist, how to deal with the situation. I wasn’t sleeping or eating. My friends and family rallied round and were great, but I just couldn’t pull myself out of the funk. Then one day my sister handed me her laptop and said “Watch this”. It was The Secret movie. I watched it once, twice, twenty times that day. Here it was, the answer I’d been looking for. Not just for my marriage, but I felt I’d known this my whole life. I’d been using the LOA without even realising it, right from a young child. But that doesn’t mean I’d always attracted the good things I’d wanted, I’d attracted the bad, or seemingly bad, parts too. What I put out, I got back. Repeating negative thoughts and patterns, and thinking of what I wanted my life to be, had gotten me to this point. In that moment, I changed my path. I started moving in a different direction.

At first I thought I wanted my husband back, but as time went on and I listened to my gut, my inner self, I realised that wasn’t actually true. I wanted the happy times and good parts back. Not the bad. There were several things about my ex that I didn’t want back. I would never trust him again so why would I want to spend my life with somebody I didn’t trust. I didn’t. Trust was everything to me. So, I moved on. I said to myself  that maybe it will be him, maybe it will not. What is meant to be will be. If he comes back, he’ll come back. If he doesn’t, it’s meant to be another way, with another person.

So I started working on me. I meditated every day. I read so many books and listened to podcasts on the LOA and other spiritual things. I experimented with visualising and manifesting. It all started to work. Small things and big things. The penny dropped, it was all about deciding, focusing on the feeling of having it, truly believing it and then letting go and knowing it will come at the perfect moment. I did everything and anything that made me feel good, and the better I felt, the better things got.

I became stronger. I started dating. I even wrote a list of things I wanted from life, and a list of things I wanted in my perfect partner. I completely forgave anything that went before. I met lots of great people. I had fun. I laughed a lot. I followed my bliss and it felt absolutely amazing. I would wake up every morning and smile at the birds chorus. I would write in my gratitude journal every night. I’d notice the smallest things that made me smile as well as the biggest. Like a stunning sunset or the refreshing smell of a rain shower. I had inadvertently become that annoying, happy person I used to be jealous of.

Then, one day I met this guy. We chatted on and off by message but we were both busy and didn’t have much time. I didn’t really think much of it. Then one evening we struck up a conversation via text message and ended up speaking on the phone. We spoke for hours, until the early hours of the morning. The next day we met. I had this strange feeling that I’d known him before, but we’d never met. It just felt right. From that day onwards we have been together every moment we can. Now, six months later we’re living together and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. He is all of the good things I remember about my past relationship, but none of the bad. He ticks almost all of the notes I’d made on my ‘perfect man’ list. I even love the things about him that aren’t on the list. As they say, when you know, you know, and I know I had to go through everything before just so I could get here. I also know that I created it all with my good intentions and positive life.

I’m not saying it was always easy, I slipped at times and had some not so good days, but I can promise each and every one of you that it’s worth it. Fill your life with positive thoughts and feelings. Do what makes you happy. Follow your bliss. All those cliché phrases, they’re all true. If I can come from my darkest days to this, you can too. Just believe you can do it because you can.

Thank you to everyone that helped me on my journey. Thank you to Rhonda and thank you to the team for The Secret. And thank you to my sister for handing The Secret movie over to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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