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Your Dreams Are Just Around The Corner!

Submitted by: Anumit Saralkar

Pune, India

A guy who's life changed the day he opened a certain book by Rhonda Byrne.


I read The Secret back in 2012, and have been using it since. In 2013, I passed my 10th grade exams with more marks than I expected. I had then made a request to the Universe and I had no idea how it could possibly manifest. I requested that I get to graduate from IISER- Indian Institute of Science Education and Research. The IISER’s are highly reputed research institutes in my country. Meanwhile, I didn’t get into the junior college I wanted but in the college where I did end up, I met my partner and made some amazing friends. I appeared for the entrance exams for IISER during my 11th and 12th grade as well, but no luck.

Then, when I was through with my 12th grade, I was in a fix. I hadn’t appeared for any other entrance exam. So I decided to take a break and study for another year. I had all but forgotten about IISER. I opted to go for Veterinary sciences and this time I joined a tuition where my partner and most of my friends studied for their 11th and 12th grades. Turns out, I wasn’t prepared to attempt the IISER exams before this year!! So, the next year went into building the basics and practising. I met some amazing teachers that year. I was fully prepared for the Veterinary entrance exam this year.

Then out of nowhere, I got a call from a long lost friend, who informed me that I was still eligible to appear for the IISER entrance exam. It hit me then that I had been given another chance at getting into IISER! I decided right then that I would enjoy my studies and attempt the exam with no pressure at all.

Lo and behold! I just recieved my acceptance letter yesterday!! It was then that I realized that my request had been answered!!
Turns out, if I hadn’t studied at the junior college I studied at, I wouldn’t have met my partner. I wouldn’t have joined the same tuition she had, I wouldn’t have met my great teachers and I wouldn’t have been prepared to attempt the IISER entrance exam this year!!! In the end, it all came to a full circle.

Without knowing it, I used The Secret and all the games I played during the last 3 years flashed through my mind yesterday. I had ended my gym membership last month as I knew this would be my last month home before I moved to the college hostel. I told people I knew about joining IISER before I even thought I could achieve it, back during 11th grade. My friends even wrote “The boy who got into IISER” on my birthday cake! I even mimed writing out this very story on this very website! And the weirdest of all, I wrote a short scene of how it would feel to be admitted into IISER when I was in 12th. This morning, a similar scene acted itself out in my home. I got a big deja vu kind of feeling and as I was clearing my room today, I found that short scene scribbled in one of my old notebooks and my heart skipped a beat. All this while the Universe was putting things in line so that I could achieve my dream. It was mind blowing!

The thing I learnt about the working of the Universe is that it never gives you what you want outright. It nudges you on the right path to be the person worthy enough to get it. It wills the world into creating such circumstances that you end up getting your wish, even though you have no idea how. So all I say to people who think The Secret doesn’t work for you, wait. because all the best things in your life are just around the corner. You are becoming the person who deserves to get what you want. And the day you turn into that person, your wish will appear.”

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