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Dream Job On It’s Way!

Submitted by: Postmaster

A positive and happy person.


First of all I would like to tell everyone that intentions and words are some of the most powerful forces in this world. So please keep on being thankful, positive and gracious to each other.

My story began a few years ago, I have been wanting to move to another country and industry for the past few years. I tried two times to move to this country. The first time I couldn’t find a job and the second time I did find a job only the company wasn’t financially stable enough to keep me.

This led to years of depression. I went back to my home country, depressed and dejected. I got offered an amazing position from one of the biggest companies in my home country but since I was being negative and depressed, even that I lost after just a few months. After that happened, I took a job with a mediocre company that had a lot of questionable practices. I thought I was fine and it kept me busy but something inside kept telling me this was not it for me.

After 2 years of working part time for this company, I was ready to leave again and try and find a job and move to my dream country. To make a long story short, this time I wrote a prayer to God and asked him for a job from a specific industry with travel benefits and in an area where my marketing skills could be used.

I forgot about this prayer in my email inbox and started making plans to move. A few weeks after, I went to an event and was just happily mingling with people. I was going around meeting people when suddenly there was a man standing in the corner that caught my eye. The reason that he caught my eye was because no one was paying attention to him. Now, I am the type of person who likes to include people. So I chatted him up and he seemed to feel at ease and we exchanged business cards.

Fast forward to a few months. I had forgotten about this incident. I was still planning and thinking of a way to move to my dream country but was having a hard time finding employment opportunities. One day I just decided to let it go for the day and just focus on enjoying things.

By night time I got an email from an unknown contact, turns out it was from the man that I met at the event a few months ago. He was asking for a meeting to catch up. To make a long story short, it turns out he owned one of the largest corporations in the country I wanted to move to! And, he was asking to meet up because he was asking me to come work for him!!!! Apparently I made an impression, he said that he likes working with happy, positive people.

I was over the moon! I went back to my emailed prayer and marveled at how accurate my job offer was to what I had prayed for. The country, the job description, even the travel benefits! We are currently finalizing the details and I am ecstatic! I can not be thankful enough to God and The Secret team.

Just remember words and intentions are powerful, always remember, don’t give up. Thank you!

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