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Dream Job Offer In 10 Days!

Submitted by: Komal


A 27 year old girl with lots of dreams and gratitude in her heart!


Hi Folks,

I’m so excited and happy to be writing this story and sharing my joy with you all. Thank you so much to The Secret team and for the teachings of Abraham Hicks!

So, I’m a girl from Mumbai, India. I was in a job for a year where I felt claustrophobic and I struggled each day to step in to work. I tried so much to feel gratitude towards my job but it was just not happening. I used to cry because my mind and heart was filled with bleakness. I was miserable. My self-confidence dwindled. My heart told me every day that this is not where I belong. Honestly, my performance sucked at work too. I used to be a happy, cheerful girl and someone who enjoyed what she did. After a lot of negativity in the office around my colleagues and my bosses, I decided to quit without holding any other offers in hand. Yes, I had a calling that I needed to leave that place before I suffered a complete mental breakdown. I realised I lacked motivation. The job really paid me well, however, that was not everything to me. Nevertheless, I had made some really amazing friends in that place. They were wonderful support and help to me throughout my tenure.

Finally, I resigned and told my manager who already kind of sensed that I was going to leave. She asked me if I had another offer yet and I said that at the moment, I just wanted to be out of here. After I served my notice and was home, I felt heavenly. I was extremely grateful for not being in that toxic environment. I said to myself every day that I was happy and would rather have no job than to work in that place again.

While I was home and actively applying for jobs, news broke that my closest friend had been given an offer from my dream company. That turned out to be a triggering moment for me! My happiness knew no bounds and I was the happiest person in the world to know that my friend was going to be working in my dream company. I was happier than my friend and I spread this news like wildfire telling everyone that my friend got a job in this particular company. I behaved as if this job has come to me. That is where the LOA really served me! From that day I started feeling and visualizing my friend coming to this city and I felt nothing but just positive vibes. I kept talking about her opportunity to everyone around me and expecting everyone to be equally as happy as I was.

Due to my strong feelings, happy vibration and constant attention to her job, I attracted a call from the same company! It was my dream call from my dream job! The HR said my profile had been shortlisted by the hiring manager and they wanted to interview me. I had one night to prepare because the interview was scheduled for the next day evening. I cleared all  3 interview rounds in 10 days and received my job offer yesterday!!!

It just happened guys, for real. I still can’t believe it! The risk of quitting a job without any offer was all worth it. Now it makes sense to me why I left. It was the Universe aligning me with the things I really wanted. It was God who was planning and conspiring with me to take inspired action towards my goal. I used to comfort myself by saying that good things will happen to me. I did feel scared at times but I did not let that thought dominate me.

I have accepted the offer and I’m on fire!! My friends and family and everyone around me said I am living my dream and they are so proud of me. I also am going to the Maldives to celebrate this job before starting my employment!

I want to tell each of you reading this to just think of what you want instead of thinking otherwise. Also, feeling gratitude for everything that is given to you and all that is coming to you will make you a magnet of abundance and prosperity. Be happy for others because your vibe attracts your tribe as they say. Dont miss any chance to be thankful. If I can get my dream job, why can’t you?

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Much love!

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