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Don’t Give Energy To Negative Thoughts.

Submitted by: BB=happiness


An Indian living in Japan.


I am glad I came across The Secret book in my life. This book has helped me in many ways!! Everyone faces issues at their workplace with their colleagues. I am going to tell you how I changed the situation at my workplace by using The Secret book.

I am an Indian working in Japan. We are a team of 6 and there is one team mate who is short tempered and considers himself a perfectionist. He gets angry if things don’t go his way by expressing it verbally, throwing stuff around or reporting it to managers instead of discussing with that person. He used to target each one of us depending on his mood. We felt that each day was dedicated to each one of us.
At first he did not say anything to me as I was not involved much in his work but slowly he started to concentrate more on me and he started being more strict. I tried my best to keep up with his expectations at work as he was the one who reported to the client, but for even small things I started getting scoldings. Sometimes he would even report to managers about my attitude. He used to send around 20 escalation emails daily. He threw papers and pens around and would scold at the top of his voice. I started getting depressed thinking, am I really that this bad? Do I really piss someone off with whatever I do? Do I really make so many mistakes that I need to be punished for all? A day came by when I was so depressed that I started questioning my own existence.

I met my University Professor on my way home from work and he said that it was a mental and power harassment that I was facing because I am a junior and management had made him a team leader. He told me that I should report this behaviour, as Japan has strict laws against harassment. However, the management couldn’t help me the way I wanted.

One day, while I was cleaning my room, I found The Secret book. That’s when I remembered that I had used this book to be positive in life. I started reading the book but the situation did not change. Maybe because I would still end up thinking ‘He won’t change, he will be angry anyways, I don’t want to work with him.’, etc.

So I decided to read the book again and stories on this website. The stories helped me realise that situations can change. Also, in the book I came across a part where it says not to give energy to the things you don’t want in life. Change the frequency by changing your thoughts. I realised that I was giving so much energy to such situations by thinking about them all the time! I stopped thinking about the don’ts and started thinking about how I want the work environment to be. I started thanking him for improving me and correcting my mistakes, praised him for the things he is good at and started giving gratitude to my team. After doing this I slowly stopped receiving angry emails, he stopped complaining to managers and talked to me as if we are good friends.
A day came when he sent a thank you email for my work!! I couldn’t believe this at first because I never heard him say thank you to anyone before!

The person hasn’t changed much and other teammates are still facing the same issues but at least I was able to change my situation. The book helped me get out of depression, gain confidence and most important, be happy about myself.

Everyone deserves a relaxed work environment and you can get it by changing your thoughts.
This book is very special to me. Thank you Rhonda and all the stories here.


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