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Crazy, Endless Magic!

Submitted by: Dr Kate

United Kingdom

I am a doctor in the UK for 10 years now thanks to The Secret! I am a single mother of 5 children, we all migrated from Asia. My story was observed by my children and all of them are harvesting their own magic using The Secret for years as well.


I moved to the UK from a tropical island in Asia in 2004 after my relationship with my ex- husband broken down. I accepted a job as a carer with a 5 year visa sponsorship to start my life again. I was already working as a doctor back home but had to leave everything including my 5 children to keep my sanity. I was at my lowest. Alone and depressed.

In 2007, whilst cleaning during a night shift at work, I found an old magazine. The magazine was ripped with a few pages missing. I sat down and picked it up to fan myself as I was tired and sweating from working hard. I glanced at the magazine and found a small article about Oprah talking about ‘The Secret’. When I got home in the morning, I ordered a used DVD from eBay and it arrived after a few days. I watched it and there was no turning back after.

I challenged ‘The Secret’ but believed that it would work. The first challenge I threw out was that I wished for a specific dried fish that can only be bought from my country and is strictly not allowed into this country (UK). It was an almost impossible wish. I never told anyone, I imagined seeing it, holding it with my hands and smelling the stink of the fish and eating it. After 1 week, a co-worker, originally from the same asian country as me, approached me and handed me a big plastic bag full of the exact fish I wished for! Some of her relatives arrived for a visit and gave it to her but due to her health condition, she could not eat it so she decided to give it to me! Ha! I said, “What a coincidence!” but I was deeply grateful about it and believed.

I next challenged the cheque in the mailbox. I was late in paying my water bill. I imagined all will be okay, a cheque will come anytime. It came after a few days, a £50 cheque from some company, sent to me with no reason. I called them to ask what the cheque was for and they could not explain it but I was due the refund according to them. I was in tears, but scared at the same time, it’s actually a bit spooky that my wishes are being granted just like that.

I can go on and on about the powerful wishes I made since then but the best one was in 2008. I planned in my head I would bring all my children over to the UK to stay with me. The small voice in my head was telling me it was impossible because I needed to prove that I was financially stable to do it because there are 5 of them! I imagined it happening, I bought 5 suitcases in advance and called my children’s names as if they were in the house with me. And yes, they all arrived together in December 2008!

Also in 2010 I decided to take the licensing exam as a doctor. I printed the date of the exam and put “PASSED”beside it and posted it on the wall where I would sit and revise for the exams. I passed!

Although these things were magically appearing, I had to somehow ‘cheat’ sometimes. Whenever I felt low and doubtful, I had to listen to my music playlist or watch a happy movie to boost my inner happiness and energy. I realised that you have to have a certain ‘feeling’ to make it happen. There are some things that did not manifest, but mostly they were replaced by bigger things.

I am not making this up, I am not paid by this company to write this. I actually hesitated to write my story here as I don’t think people can easily believe it and I work as a doctor and should not make myself appear silly! But I just wanted to share with you my endless magical stories because they are real. If I can do it and benefit from it, you can too. It’s very powerful.

I love reading other people’s stories here too! Very uplifting. My children have amazing stories as well. It’s just magical! Thank you to ‘The Secret’, you changed our world!

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