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Changing My Whole World.

Submitted by: NAPPYESE

Lagos, Nigeria

I am a 23 year old woman currently living in NYC. One of the eldest of twins from a family of 7. I am tremendously blessed with many talents and I have decided to share all of them with the world without being afraid of who I am. I've been living my life by the LOA since I was 19.


Everything is energy, thoughts become things. This is the story of how I have changed my life from being a poor drop-out to living in one of the greatest cities in the world and how I continue to live my Life.

My Dad came home one day with something he wanted us kids to listen to. He set the computer down and gave us The Secret video to watch. I remember thinking, wow, if this were true that would be great. I wasn’t sure how to apply the teachings to my life but I kept the message at the back of my mind.

It wasn’t until we had hit rock bottom, again, that I used The Secret. I couldn’t return for my second year of studying Computer Science. We had no food, we had been living in our uncompleted family building for more than 7 years. No windows, floor, ceiling, bathroom, electricity nor water, but at least we didn’t pay rent. Just to show how low our standard of living was. It wasn’t until a few years past this period , chatting with my sister, did we realize all the feelings of anxiety, lack and misery was what kept us in that cycle for many years.

During this time of being at home, I remembered The Secret message. They say a dying man would grasp at straws. I decided to start applying the teachings to my life as I had nothing and nothing to lose. I shifted my thinking and became hopeful!

I asked. I was lying on the bed listening to the radio. At that moment the Universe gave me a gift! I heard the voice and name of one fashion models I looked up to. I had her picture hanging up on the wall right in front of me. She was talking about a modelling competition that she was involved in producing. The winner would win an all expense paid trip and a contract to South Africa to work with a top Modelling agency in South Africa! I couldn’t believe it! She was hanging on my wall!!!

Answered. And her voice and her name was on the radio! I instantly knew this was the Universe offering me a ticket out of my situation! I immediately started visualizing myself winning that competition. Even while I was in the model boot camp, and I was told I had to lose weight if I wanted to stand a chance. I got up a half hour earlier before exercise time to run before the others, all the while visualizing myself winning. I would go back to the room and still jog on the spot. Nothing was going to stand in the way of my opportunity.

I received. The day before the day of the competition I wrote an email to my Dad telling him in faith how I was going to win the competition and how my life was going to change the next day. I won the competition!!

Fast forward 3 years later. Now I’ve moved to New York City to chase my dream of becoming a Victoria’s Secret Model. I’ve also been able to be the pillar of my family financially, supporting the education of my younger ones. Even my just married twin sister met her husband in the city of Cape Town, South Africa.
I am so grateful for the LOA and how it is helping me and my family live a better life! 
I am still applying the law of attraction in my daily life. With faith, hard work and determination I know that I can have, do or be anything I choose.

This is how I live my Life. I have decided to share this story because I want everybody to know that the power to change their life is in them. Decide what you want and go for it. More of my story and the challenges I faced during this journey is on my blog.

Love and “Nappiness”


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