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Bullies At Work Couldn’t Break Me.

Submitted by: Michelle


Every day I try to elevate myself and those around. The Secret has changed my life and once I started journaling I could see it in print.


I recently changed my career to sales. I had been warned by some others that some of the people I might work with would be bullies and try to knock me down. During my trial period I started to see little warning flags. People I worked with were accusing me of stealing sales and other dishonest dealings. My boss would always believe the worst about me and even though I knew I had done nothing wrong, I would apologize for my errors and try not to let it crush me. Things eventually started to affect my home life and sometimes I would just start to cry in front of my family. I would lash out at my husband every time he would say I told you so.

Then I started watching The Secret every day while I was getting ready to go to work. I read the other books in The Secret series too and all the books by the people in The Secret. I started journaling every night and every morning, being thankful for what I had and what was coming.

I realized the only person that could make me feel like a victim was me. I took back control and started to see change. My sales went up and I learned more and more tricks to make my job easier. I made friends with people at work by doing what I could for them and earned a reputation as a kind and generous person. This made the bullies try harder to upset me. Instead of paying attention to them I focused on my thoughts and what I wanted.

One day, the worst bully got fired. After that the bullies started to disappear. It was slow at first than all of the sudden, one got demoted and I got promoted. Another one was transferred. In the space of one month, 3 bullies were gone and the rest decided to focus on not getting fired instead of bullying me.

Some days I can’t believe how hard things were and how easy they are now. I am so grateful to the Universe, The Secret and all of those people involved in The Secret! I thought of what I wanted, to be happy and safe at work. I believed it was already happening and I just focused on being happy and then it happened. The Secret Works!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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