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Building Wings!

Submitted by: Asti L.

Zurich, Switzerland

Mom of two children and an attorney at law.


I’d like to share such a wonderful story with you. Two and a half years ago, my son started to cry due to his bad grades at school. He was only nine years old at the time and had always been one of the weakest students in his class. So he sat there at the table, totally devastated and so sad and he said that he wished so much that he was a strong student and could be able to attend “Gymnasium”, a very tough school for the strongest students only, starting at the age of 12 to 13. I, myself had been practicing visualisation for years and I was struggling between not wanting to weaken him even more by telling him a “realistic” approach  saying that he may not be strong enough for this school, verses saying, yes you can, if you really wish to. With Bob Proctor’s words in my ears “Make your kids see A grades”, I explained the mechanism of wish making and of all the action steps it takes to become a strong pupil.

I was sitting in front of him and then we started. Again and again, we visualised. I taught him how to work with affirmations which he would repeat again and again and his grades began to improve little by little. And not only that but the child was getting happier and happier. We often had such great moments while meditating together. After a year, he had improved to be an average student already and so we went on. He worked hard for school, having developed a totally different approach to it. From fighting against learning and school, he had turned into a highly motivated student. Eventually, we enrolled him to a course preparing him for the big exam for Gymnasium, meanwhile we continued the visualisation. We would hug and shout out loudly when we had got the letter in our minds that would tell him he had passed the admission to Gymnasium.

Last week, that letter finally became reality. The wording of it was 100 % identical to how it had read in our minds. He passed the exam! For me, it is a miracle. He worked himself from one of the weakest students in his class to one of the best. It is amazing and it’s basically due to mental power. I know that if I had told him back at that time that he was too weak of a student to be able to pass this test, he would have just stayed a weak student.

I want to encourage all the parents in the world to teach The Secret to your children. Build them strong wings! You too will develop strong wings while flying with your child!

Still deeply touched.

Greetings from Switzerland A. and S.

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