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Bills Into Money!

Submitted by: Paul. R

Oxford, England

Enjoying a new found freedom to enhance my life.


I have always had an interest in the power of visualization and maintaining a positive outlook on life. I had previously read several books on the power of attraction and then one day a piece of junk mail came through my letter box (via the universe) from Audible, offering a free audio book. I chose The Secret.

I started applying the principles straight away. Having left my previous job and being in the disheartening position of receiving a string of job application rejections, my money was running out and the bills were stacking up. Immediately after listening to your technique about visualizing bills as money coming in, I put it in to practice. I couldn’t really see how I would receive any money in the post; nobody owed me any and it hadn’t happened to me before throughout my entire life, but I gave it a go.

A few weeks later I received a letter from the Inland Revenue. Was this a tax rebate? No. I actually owed them more money. This wasn’t working. Maybe I wasn’t using the right words when the bills came through, or maybe I was focused on the wrong aspect of this technique. I continued with it for a while, but eventually this technique faded from my date-to-day routine as I focused on finding work. I was also using various techniques to help in my job search, which did proved successful!

Last week, I received a letter from the TV Licensing Authority. I put it in my ‘To do’ or more like ‘Try to forget’ tray, as I had cancelled the direct debit 2 months ago and had received several reminders threatening fines, etc. Eventually, I opened it and to my utter surprise saw: YOU ARE ENTITLED TO A REFUND in bold capital letters across the top. It went on to say: ‘Due to recent changes to your television license details our records show that you are entitled to a refund of £48.54.’ How was this possible when I owed them money?

This stuff really works! I don’t know how. I don’t care how. I just know it works and have total faith in the universe. Whenever I’ve been in a tight spot, I’ve always said to myself ‘There’s always a solution.’ I could give dozens of examples of how this has worked for me. £48.54 is a small amount, but a blizzard always starts with a few snow flakes.

I am eternally grateful to the universe for all the help it has provided me with throughout my life and know it will get even better the more I focus on what I want for me and my family.

Thank you Rhonda for your dedication and teaching. Forever grateful and looking forward to the blizzard!


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