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If You Believe In Yourself, Your Dreams Will Come True.

Submitted by: Kenny M.

Edison, NJ

I have a passion for writing, maintaining good health, and happiness.


Approximately 10 years ago, my grandfather was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He remained home with my family, where we cared for him until his passing. We all took his passing very hard, but I seemed to have the most difficult time with it. Around the time my grandfather passed away, a romantic relationship I was involved in for many years also ended suddenly. It took some time to notice, but the cumulative effect of these experiences was wearing on me. I was falling into a deep depression and did not realize how bad I was until it was too late.

My grades began to decline dramatically and as a result I was placed on academic suspension. Instead of trying to work through the problem at the community college I was enrolled in at the time, I chose to start over and go to a four year university. I thought that a change of schools and curriculum may help turn things around.

After a short time at the university, I finally started to notice that I was not feeling well. All I wanted to do was sleep, and avoided as much social interaction as possible. I hardly ever attended class. Some days I would force myself to go to school, but ended up sleeping in my car the whole day instead of going to class. This resulted in me being suspended from this university as well, due to poor grades.

The depression continued to worsen. Around 5 years after the passing of my grandfather, my life hit rock bottom. It turned out to be one of the worst years of my life. In the span of a little over a year, two close friends passed away, as well as my cousin. I was also let go from my job. In the midst of all of this I became secluded. I had not been in a meaningful, romantic relationship for years, and hardly made any attempt to form a new one. Due to emotional eating I gained approximately 80 lbs, was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, prediabetes, acid reflux, and Gout.

It wasn’t until one day when a suggestion from my father would change my life. I accepted the fact that I had a problem, but was unsure of what to do about it. My father suggested that I read The Secret, based on recommendations he received from co-workers.

Based on what I learned, I began to shift my focus from all of the negative things happening in my life to what I actually wanted to happen in my life. Even though I was unsuccessful in finding a new job, I started envisioning what I considered to be the perfect job. Approximately 4 months after losing my job, a friend called me and offered me an opportunity to interview with the company he worked for. Shortly after I was offered a position, and have been there ever since.

Even though I found the job that I wanted, I still wanted to return to school and finish my degree. I knew that I was capable and intelligent enough to complete the coursework, and that my past performance was not indicative of my best work. My new employer allowed for a flexible schedule, so I returned to community college to complete the coursework that I never finished. I graduated a little over a year later. Shortly after, I returned to the 4 year university. I kept envisioning graduation day, and how happy and proud I would be. During my final year at the university I did so well that I made the Dean’s List. The graduation ceremony was as grand as I had imagined it. It was held at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, where I’ve seen many sporting events and concerts. It was exhilarating to graduate in front of my close friends and family at a place where I had seen many of my favorite athletes and musicians perform.

While in school I started to become more social and I decided that it was time to try dating again. So, I signed up for an online dating site. Over a short period of time I went out on some dates, and spoke to some very nice people. I kept imagining myself with the woman of my dreams, and how happy I would be. After about 6 months, I not only met the woman that I dreamed of, but we are now happily married.

Most recently, I lost 45 lbs and I am off 3 of the 6 medications previously prescribed to me. I feel the best physically and mentally that I have in years, and look forward to everything each new day will bring.

Thank you!

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