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Belief Is Finally In My Heart

Submitted by: Brooks L. Brown

Irvine, California

I am a 25 year old Hispanic male. I love to cook, paint, fish, and a whole bucket full of things. I have done many things in work. I go through jobs like water, and things just never turned out as planned, till now!


Well, let me start from the beginning. I am one who everyone looks to for my work ethics and my strive to be successful.

I have tried and tried and never gave up! But it just wouldn’t work for me. It seemed like the more I tried the more I failed.

Why couldn’t I be successful, I would ask myself every day? Why do I try so hard and do so much good, but bad things always happen to me? I was on the verge of giving up.

I just lost my job, I wasn’t able to pay rent and received an eviction notice. After getting the notice I took my most prized possessions and crammed my car full. I couldn’t afford to store anything so I left a lot behind.

The following day, was driving around in my crammed car which was almost on empty, stomach growling, and looking for a job.

It was raining, and with the extra weight in the car it made it difficult to stop. Went around a curve and my car flipped into the ditch. In a two week time span, I lost my job, apartment, car, and all my possessions.

I didn’t have anywhere to go when I got out of the hospital, so I went to the book store down the road to burn time. I was just looking around and I saw “The Secret” facing me on the shelf. Out of all the books, my eyes only focused on it alone. I grabbed it off the shelf and just read through the chapter titles. Just from that I was amazed at what this book had to offer! At the same time I was thinking that it was bull. I am a good person and always doing good, but look where I am at. I still decided to read it.

I sat there and read the entire book. I cried, I laughed, and became empowered that very day! Literally after reading the book, as soon as I set it on the shelf I was approached. It was a friend of mine from High School. I hadn’t seen them in years. We talked about everything that happened to me, and she offered to let me stay with her. I was so relieved and so happy I had someone who cared enough to let me stay with them rent free till I got back on my feet. Then the next morning I had a message on my phone from an employer who said they saw my resume online and wanted me to come in for a interview!
I put my resume online about 3 yrs ago. I hadn’t recently updated my resume or anything and it was amazing that they saw it, or that it was still there for that matter! I couldn’t believe it.

I went to the interview the following day, and got the job. Not only that but they offered me a sign on bonus and a high salary! The other part was that they wanted me to relocate and would pay for my relocation and the first three months of rent.

I had everything back that I lost in a matter of days. It was amazing. I then met my partner a few weeks later, and we have been madly in love since then. My soul mate is now a major part of my life.

The other great things that happened are that every time I would start to get discouraged I would be reminded of The Secret. I would hear someone talk about it, or see a glimpse of it in a show on tv. It was weird but appreciated.

Then I heard there was a movie for “The Secret”. I wanted to see it and found it at the book store for 45.00. Couldn’t afford it at the time, but kept telling myself how much I wanted to see it.

Three days later we had a new girl at work. She was having a hard time adjusting and learning the system and was real negative. I told her some of the things in “The Secret to inspire her! She knew what I was talking about. She had the movie in her car, and offered to let me borrow it. This was amazing to me. I wanted it and now I have it.

I took it home, watched it about three times. The next day I took it back to her, and on lunch that day she got a job offer back at her old job, so she quit. I believe the only reason she crossed paths was for me, that is how the universe arranged for me to see the movie.

There are a lot of things, big and small that have happened since I was exposed to “The Secret”. There is no doubt in my mind that the power of attraction is a real force and that all of creation is a working reality of that! And today as well as every day is the best day of my life. Thank you.

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