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Attracted My Perfect Dog Unconsciously.

Submitted by: Isabel P.

Porto, Portugal

24 year old believer of the magic in life. Anything is possible.


I would like to start by thanking Rhonda and The Secret team for sharing and teaching this knowledge with the world. It sure has changed my life and my perspective of everything. I have known The Secret for 9 years now and this is only one of the many stories I have manifested.

I have been thinking of sharing one of my stories because I have been reading these stories daily since a few weeks ago. They have been inspiring me and helping me keep my unwavering faith, trusting the Universe to manifest my current wishes.

At the end of 2012 I wanted to adopt a dog so much. I have loved them all my life and I really really wanted one. An important detail: I always loved dogs that had different colored eyes, especially one eye blue and one eye brown but I didn’t even care what the dog would be like, I just wanted one so much.

I was still a student in the University and my boyfriend got a job to help pay for his University fee and since he had that part time job he decided to give me a dog for Christmas. We would adopt one and he would pay for all the vaccines, for the micro chip and all those normal expenses.

In the next days I saw that a dog from an animal protective association from the city we studied in had puppies. I went and looked at the pictures and immediately felt attracted to one of the puppies. It was a brown female and all of the dog’s eyes were closed since they were so tiny and young. We arranged to meet her without commitment before Christmas.

They came to our student house with my puppy and her brother. They were 3 or 4 weeks old. When I was holding her she opened her eyes and when the light hit her eyes it seemed that one was lighter than the other. I mentioned that and asked if she had different colored eyes and they said that they were still too young to tell but her mother had one eye blue and one eye brown. Up until this point it never occurred to me that she could have those eyes I loved. And then I forgot all about that detail again.

After meeting her I fell so in love with her. I spent the next days looking at the picture I took of her with my phone, imagining and wishing to have her as my puppy and trying to convince my parents. The love I already felt for her was so intense and strong. In January 2013 she was 2 months old and ready to be adopted and I had convinced my parents.

Only a few days before going to get her I was talking to one of the volunteers via facebook and she said to me: “Oh, we forgot to tell you, the puppy has one blue eye and one brown eye, she is so beautiful”.

I smiled so much and felt so happy and started calling my boyfriend and our roommates and telling them. I felt so happy and grateful because although this was a point of my life that I forgot about The Secret and the law of attraction, it was still working in my favor because of the love I felt for having a dog, the love I had for a dog with those particular eyes and then the love I felt for that puppy.

The crazy part was that she was the only brown one and the only one with one blue eye and one brown eye like her mother. Her 3 sisters were black with both eyes blue and her brother was black with both eyes brown. Plus, the volunteers told me that there were a lot of people interested in taking her , mostly because of her eyes, if I couldn’t.

And one more detail, she descends from a husky, which is a dog I also love very much because of their personality and incredible expressions. My dog has these same characteristics.

There is only perfect timing with the Universe. Whether you are aware or not it is always working. Today, 3 years later, I tell my dog I love her every day and I sometimes cry tears of gratitude for having her in my life. I’m crying those tears and feeling grateful as I write this. I really hope that I can inspire you the same way you all have been inspiring me.

You can see a picture of my dog here:

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope you receive all the love I am sending with this story.

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