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  • Submitted by: Poorva Rushi
  • Date Posted: Feb 13, 2017
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I Attracted Him And Life Become Joy!

Poorva Rushi

I am 27 years old living in Chinchwad, Pune, Maharashtra, India with my soulmate. Learning Mauscriptolgy and doing many things I dreamed of. Feeling happy and grateful.

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I Attracted Him And Life Become Joy!


Dear Rhonda and The Secret Team,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I was so disturbed in my life. I had serious clashes with parents. At my home my parents and relatives kept asking about marriage. I was so afraid to get marry to some complete stranger without knowing him properly. Among my friends and family I had seen nearly 6 divorces with 4 of them being ‘love marriages. I was not ready for marriage after seeing shattered people after divorce. What if I listen to the elders, like a good girl, and my marriage also ends up on that same bitter note that I had seen?

I was confused, terrified, and then I stumbled across ‘The Secret’ in my library. I had read The Secret before. But for some reason I never took it seriously. Reading The Secret again was an eye opener for me. I realized how reckless I had been with my thoughts and my feelings.

I started visualizing. It was difficult at first because negative thoughts kept popping up in my mind. When my mind became crowded, I stopped visualizing and start thanking the Universe for what I had at the moment. It worked and it is still working!

After a month I called one of my elderly friends and she told me her nephew was searching for a life partner. He enrolled his name on a couple of matrimony websites but was not successful. She gave me her nephew’s cell number. But I didn’t dare call.

However, how was I going to stop the Universe when I had asked for magic?
‘He’ called me! We talked. After talking we both realized that we were matched like two perfect jigsaw pieces.

I told my parents after talking to him. Of course it was hard to believe for them. A girl who kept denying marriage for 3 years was suddenly say, “I am ready to get married” to a guy who she had only talked with on the cell phone. 

His parents and mine met and with their blessings we got married in January 2015! And like a cherry on a cake, my aunt gave me a ring as a wedding gift. It was one I had seen in my visualization! I wear her gift. This ring always reminds me to keep faith, be thankful and be grateful.

I am living a healthy, peaceful, perfect, married life with my soulmate. I am thankful to the Universe again and again. Thank you to The Secret team for sharing my story and thank you to the readers from my heart.


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