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  • Date Posted: Jun 18, 2017
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Attracted Him Then Attracted Him Back!


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I am a female, 27 years old. I study Communication. And recently attracted my dream house, a different story, ha ha!

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Attracted Him Then Attracted Him Back!

In December 2015 I made a list of qualities I wanted my new boyfriend to have. Since I knew The Secret I thought it was a good idea to make that list to start with. I visualized and wrote in my journal for a couple of days and then I stopped. I totally forgot about it.

So after 6 months I saw a guy at a party I felt so attracted to! I knew who he was, because in the past he used to date someone I used to be friends with. After some days passed I just couldn’t get him off my mind and had a strong urge to send him a message on Facebook or some other social media channel. At the same time it also felt kinda wrong because he dated a girl I knew.

Two weeks passed and he was still very clear in my mind. So I decided to just send him the message. From that day forward I understood why. We were inseparable. We clicked right away. I felt that he was the guy I was searching for my entire life!

But as the months passed, the doubts and insecurities crept in. And so did the fights and arguments. Then 5 months later he decided he did not see a future for us anymore. I was devastated. I started to think about The Secret again and searched for my list of qualities I made in 2015. Shockingly he matched most of them! That’s when I realized I needed to stop crying right away and apply the LOA again!

I started with writing affirmations for myself to feel more confident. Every day I would read them and visualized myself being the person I really wanted to be. I would make a gratitude list every evening and every morning. I also wrote affirmations about him and while reading I would visualize them as being true. I would thank the Universe for having him in my life. I also kept a journal where I would write about us as if those things already happened.

At first it was kind of hard because I can be a little impatient. Impatience and belief do not go hand in hand. But I just kept living my life and kept re-affirming to myself that the Universe is working everything out for me.

So 2 weeks after doing my visualizations, my affirmations and journaling, he sent me a text saying he wanted to see me. I was happy and grateful but at the same time very calm. He then came to my house to talk. He said everything I imagined! About how he made a mistake treating me the way he did, how he hoped I would give him another chance. Now we’re back together! We’re having the most fun relationship ever. I’m still doing my visualizations because I want to make sure it stays like this.

Thank you Rhonda for sharing your wisdom with all of us!! And for everyone out there trying to achieve something, keep the faith!!

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