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Ask and you shall recieve

Submitted by: Craig C

Santa Monica, CA

I have worked for the past 10 years as a Personal Assistant and still love it.


So I’m working as a Personal Assistant for a new boss and I’d only been with him four months. What I noticed immediately is that he was always learning, always growing. He reads voraciously, six to eight books a week, and always surrounds himself with likeminded people or people who could take him to the next level.

Well one of these people, who is a very successful entrepreneur and multimillionaire, sent my boss a link to The Secret web site. Immediately he has me order a copy of The Secret.

Now, one of the blessings of this job is that I’m giving the opportunity to see all of the books he orders on a wide variety of topics, and I receive all of his mail and correspondence. I’m always learning and growing through him as he strives to improve and grow. So now I had to find out what this SECRET was all about. I immediately ordered a copy for myself.

When I received and watched the DVD, I couldn’t believe it. For me some of this was not new information, but the way in which everything was presented gave me a whole new look into my own life and where I was at. In fact, after reflecting, I was surprised at how many times in my life I had used the practices of The Secret to achieve and obtain things I desired into my own life. A wonderful home, the most amazing dog I ever had, I got to travel by private jet, I desired to move to the State and City I dreamed about, and more.

But here is the best part. After viewing the secret, I put out to the universe my wish to become a really great Personal Assistant and to also increase my revenue exponentially. As the DVD says, I didn’t know how this would happen or in what form, but what I really didn’t expect is the speed in which this would occur.

Not three weeks after I put out this wish, I get a call from a person who represents a Princess from Dubai and she will be residing in Beverly Hills for the next three months at a luxury hotel and needs me to be her live-in Personal Assistant while she is in town. Here’s the kicker, at $4,000 per week. You do the math.

I couldn’t help but laugh and marvel at my wish being presented to me in such a unique and special way. I wasn’t even sure how they found me, but they knew of my reputation. So what did I do?

I gratefully turned the offer down. I’m sure you are saying, “Are you crazy?” See I had a wish, and I looked at how I came to ask for this wish. I saw that because of my current position with my present employer that had I not been working for him, I might not have heard about The Secret and never had the opportunity to have such a wonderful wish presented to me. So I figured I have more to learn from my current boss and that sometimes increasing your revenue is not always a monetary thing. Sometimes wealth comes in knowledge, and that is the gift I’ve been given at my present job.

But I don’t think I’m finished. See, in a few short years my boss has taken his company from an eight person team to a company of over sixty people and growing. His goal in the next five years is to hit one billion dollars. When I first started working for him I told him my goal was to help him achieve his goal, because if he makes more money, I will make more money. Oh, yeah, in my first three months I got a three thousand dollar raise. I’m now at six months and just got another three thousand dollar raise. I love the opportunity The Secret has given me to really open my eyes, my heart, and most important, my mind.

Thank you.

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