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Accepted Whatever Happens.

Submitted by: M.H.


A believer who lived The Secret since her teenage years without even knowing.


I’m thrilled to be able to finally write my own success story. I hope it will help other people “get better” at manifesting although even for me it’s still a work in progress.

Last October, I had struggled with rent payments for some time and I was threatened with a notice of the intention to repossess my place. I’m a final year university student living in student accommodation.

I worked in September and thus had some money I could put towards my arrears, but it wasn’t enough to stop the landlord from considering court action. I had to pay by the end of October or court action would be sought. I had been worrying about my finances a lot and it had started to impact my studies. So I knew that if I was able to pay £900 by the end of October, I would be fine for some time before I needed some more money for the next rent installment. I had no way of getting the money and my parents had no money either that they could send me.

One day when I was in the library trying to study, I just said to myself that enough is enough and there isn’t anything I can do about my situation right now.

I guess you could say I surrendered or let go. I had been trying to use the law of attraction but I felt it was not working on my desire to get that money. I started to accept that I had to live through whatever would happen next, even if that meant that my landlord would start taking action. I accepted that whatever happens, happens and that there was nothing more I could do about my situation. I immediately started to feel as if some weight had been lifted off me.

I went back to my studies and when I got home a few days later, I was talking to my sister via text messages. She said that she talked to our mother and that my mum said that I was struggling financially. I never told my sister anything nor did I tell my mum to talk to my sister about it. After a few messages she said that she wants to help me out and transfer money into my account so that I could pay my landlord. It was enough to pay the £900 that I had to pay to be able to keep my place. And I did pay my landlord.

It’s so crazy and this experience taught me a lot about letting go and just accepting my reality. You let go by accepting your current reality rather that trying to ignore it, and only making yourself focus on what you want. If you let go by being okay with whatever happens next, good or bad, you release resistance and that’s where it’s all at. I don’t think that you have to first completely change your beliefs about money to be able to attract it. Although I had already started to change my money mindset. I think it’s all about resistance. Try and see if this approach works for you. I really hope it does.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all the best in the world. Life is meant to be abundant. Try to remember that.

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