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8 Year Old Learns How To Apply The Secret.

Submitted by: Belinda

Sydney, Australia

I have known about The Secret since it was released. I was highly motivated by it and tried desperately to apply it to my life for many years with mixed results. Through my visualisation I attracted our dream home into existence. Over the years though my negative thoughts were my obstacle, mistakes I made were hindering my progress in being able to successfully apply The Secret to other facets of my life. That was until I downloaded an audio of The Secret.


Two weeks ago I downloaded The Secret as an Audio iBook. I spend my drive to and from work listening to the great teachers of The Secret. I would get these goosebumps listening to them in acknowledgement of where in my life I did not apply The Secret and when I did. Occasionally my daughter would sit in the car with me and The Secret would be playing. I didn’t mention anything about it as we would just listen.

Yesterday we got a delivery and we had our pet budgie in the lounge room. Before my husband opened the door he called out if I had the budgie. I went to catch him but he kept moving away. My husband assumed I had him and opened the door. In a split second the budgie flew from one level of our house to the next and straight out the door. The entire family ran outside but he was gone. We had to accept the furniture delivery. While my husband did that, my 8 year old and I walked the neighbourhood looking in trees, calling his name and making tweeting sounds that he was familiar with. It was pouring with rain and we were soaked. We returned to our house to get umbrellas and my daughter became overwhelmed with sadness. I found her in her bed crying. I wanted to cry too but I thought no, this is a chance to practice what you have learnt over the past few weeks and teach your precious child The Secret.

I explained that she wasn’t helping Davie by staying in bed crying, we needed to be outside looking for him. She jumped up, wiped her tears, grabbed the umbrella and off we went. We walked up the street doing all the same things as before but this time I told my daughter that we were going to find him. It was like looking for a needle in the haystack. As we continued walking we suddenly caught sight of a blue budgie, up very high and well above the house roofs in the distance. We called out to him, he did a loop and then flew further away. My husband joined the search. We had some hope now as we had seen the bird. This went on for another half an hour but my husband was giving up hope telling my daughter that her bird is now free and found new friends. He took her home but I continued the search and so did he.

I was walking around the block and I told myself, you will find Davie, he is our loved pet and he loves us and needs to be back home in his open cage where he can fly in the safety of our home. I walked down a cul-de-sac and visualised the bird in my thoughts instead of looking up in the trees I was looking at eye level. I suddenly saw a flash of blue in a garden bed on a retaining wall. I dropped the umbrella and slowly walked to Davie. When I reached him I put my finger out and he jumped on and I snuggled him in my neck area. I was bursting with excitement.

I got home and called out to my daughter and she started screaming with excitement. She told me she was praying and imagining Davie back in his cage. She told me she learnt that from listening to it in the car!

We discussed The Secret and I explained that it is very powerful and truly amazing that an 8 year old could apply the teachings of The Secret to get her loved budgie back. I asked if she thought she could put it to good use in other areas. She told me that she could imagine herself being a famous actress which is what she wants to be when she grows up. I have every belief that her dream will come true because she knows how to use the law of attraction. I am hoping to learn from my daughter in being able to manage my negative thoughts and just stay positive in all aspects of my life to bring the wonderful things my heart desires into my life. My husband said it was a miracle we found the budgie but my daughter and I know it was the miracle of law of attraction.


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