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All Stories

Sep 18, 2018

Believe And You Shall Receive.

I hail from a village in the southern most state of India, Kerala. The society in that part of the state is very conservative and reeks of patriarchy. I have grown up listening to things […]

Sep 18, 2018

Before My Very Own Eyes!

I want to thank Rhonda and her entire team of The Secret and The Magic. I read the book The Magic and did the 28 days of practice. During that time and ever since, I […]

Sep 18, 2018

Used The Secret To Beat The Odds.

I have been waiting to write this story for 10 years. My husband was diagnosed at 44 years old with a very rare cancer, Merkel Cell, in 2008. The prognosis was 50/50 for a stage […]

Sep 18, 2018

Found My Rings Through The LOA.

This is my second story that I have submitted and I am so eternally grateful for The Secret and everything it has brought into my life so far. Around Christmas last year I had misplaced […]

Sep 18, 2018

Manifested A Job After Months Of Failure.

Thank you to Rhonda and thank you to The Secret team for this movie that got me started in changing my life! A few months back nothing was going according to plan; I was in […]

Sep 17, 2018

I Am Still Shocked!

Hi guys, I am so happy to share my story with you! I was introduced to The Secret a year ago and I started practicing almost every technique. I had small manifestations like finding coins […]

Sep 17, 2018

Quit Smoking Or Start Breathing?!

In 2010 I saw a trailer for the movie The Secret and I was intrigued from the get-go. After watching the movie I had a sense that I had been shown something truly amazing and […]

Sep 17, 2018

Dream It And Achieve It!

With a high school education only, I was married at twenty-two and gratefully started a family within a year of being married. Over the next six years, we were blessed with three healthy sons, all […]

Sep 17, 2018

Things Can Only Get Better.

I had read The Secret a few years ago when we were struggling with fertility issues. The Secret helped me conceive my two perfect, beautiful children. Thank you Universe!! I have recently started reading The […]

Sep 17, 2018

Got The Perfect Job I Love!

I recently quit my job and then I started to go job hunting. A few days ago I turned in a couple of resumes to a couple jobs and I started visualizing and feeling myself […]

Sep 16, 2018

Manifested In Less Than 5 Minutes.

I use the public transport to work every morning. On this particular day, I had quite a number of things to do before the start of the working day and I had to get to […]

Sep 16, 2018

Receiving Abundance In Many Ways.

Thank you all for writing your stories here as they are a great inspiration to me. And thank you to all the people who helped with the books and Rhonda. I found the law of […]

Sep 16, 2018

Think Positive.

I was driving back to London with my wife after spending a weekend in Devon. We had driven 250 miles and only had 20 miles to go when I began to feel very ill. My […]

Sep 16, 2018

Be Who You Are And Just See The Magic!

Before I begin I have something to say. Rhonda Byrne, you are the best thing to happen to this planet. I love you and your team and everything that you do. So my story is really simple. […]

Sep 16, 2018

The Exact Amount!

I have known about The Secret for years but hadn’t really put it to use. My husband and I were dealing with many stressors, one being a custody battle to gain primary custody of his […]

Sep 15, 2018

I Believed!!

Thank you, thank you for everything, for this magic known as The Secret. I know! I believe that I can achieve success in my life. I am very grateful that I came across The Secret […]

Sep 15, 2018

Manifestation With Faith.

I had been reading watching and listening to The Secret in all 3 variants for the past one month. As Bob Doyle says, start something with small. So I wished to the Universe to help […]

Sep 15, 2018

My Dream Job!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the whole Universe for manifesting my dream government job. I am a graduate and had been working in a call centre for 14 months. But I was never […]

Sep 15, 2018

Visualized My Dream Salary.

So first of all I’d like to give a million thanks to the Universe and of course Rhonda and her team for sharing The Secret with us!!! There aren’t even enough words to describe my […]

Sep 15, 2018

Life Since The Secret And An iPhone Manifestation.

Dear Family of The Secret, This is my first manifestation story in this site. I thank the Lord for his grace that introduced me to The Secret movie after a prayer. I am extremely Grateful […]