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Aug 11, 2017


I was suffering from an allergy and always had a cough or cold. I suffering very often with any kind of fragrance, dust and even climate changes. Then I got The Secret book and I […]

Aug 11, 2017

Happy Life!

Lately after being able to be a part of the #Positivesquad, I have realised how beautiful my life has become. I have always been a happy person but I realised that I should be more […]

Aug 11, 2017

Healing Of My Eyes.

So I have always been a vivid believer of The Secret. I manifested so many things that had been sitting in my phone’s note for so long, that I haven’t had a chance to post […]

Aug 5, 2017

Thank You With All My Heart!

I am a free spirit girl living in a small town. I went through several depression periods but now I can say that I am totally healed. The Secret and the rest of the books […]

Aug 4, 2017

My New Life!!!

This time last year I was unemployed, living back at home at 33 years old and not in a great place!! I read The Secret and just one month later everything changed. I got the […]

Aug 3, 2017

Power Of Belief.

I want to thank Rhonda Byrne and the entire team of The Secret for sharing so many inspiring stories. I wanted to lose weight for long time. I read all the stories here but something […]

Aug 3, 2017

Let Go And Relax.

First I am grateful for Rhonda and The Secret team. I had previously uploaded two stories about how I got my ex back and how I lost weight. Long story short; I was suffering from an […]

Aug 2, 2017

I’m Rich!

I just got the book, read it, and have already changed my entire world in just a couple of days. Every thought that comes to me is positive, no matter how it starts. I knew […]

Aug 2, 2017

Eternally Grateful.

I am not sure where to start really. The Secret, The Power and The Magic have brought so many joyful people and experiences into my life over the past four years that I do not […]

Jul 29, 2017

The Power Of The Beautiful Mind.

The Secret has brought many things into my life. Today my story is about love. I met my boyfriend over 10 months ago. He has a lot of the qualities I have always wanted. He is […]

Jul 26, 2017

Relax, Really Believe And Visualize.

Hi everybody. I have read The Secret more than 2 years ago. Since then a lot of good things happened to me: 1. I lost 20 kilos. 2. I started my own business, in the end […]

Jul 26, 2017

Life Is Just Great!

Hi Rhonda, I just want to thank you so much for sharing The Secret. Thank you, thank you, thank you! About 3 years ago I went through a bad stage in my life and suffered […]

Jul 22, 2017

Yes It Works!

This is the first time I have used The Power it and yes, it works! Thank you so much Rhonda Byrne and your team of The Secret. The Power has truly transformed my life and […]

Jul 21, 2017

Ovarian Cyst Gone!

In January 2014, I started getting some pains on the right side of my lower abdomen. However, I did not visit the doctor until nearly the end of 2014 after the pains started getting worse. […]

Jul 21, 2017

Beautiful Hair Again!

This is a story about how I regained beautiful thick full hair with nothing but pure faith. I knew I could regrow the hair which I once had and every day I would visualise my […]

Jul 20, 2017

Unbelievable Results!!!

First I would say this is my third story but my other two did not get published. I know this time, definitely it will. I would like to say thank you for the Universe, Rhonda […]

Jul 18, 2017

It Worked!

I was always tagged fat in school and obviously I did not like it. I tried various diets, vigorous workouts and still nothing helped until I found The Secret. It transformed me from within as […]

Jul 16, 2017

Positive Thinking.

I feel humble that I am finally getting to write down my story. Like a lot of us, I am very lucky to have found The Secret video on Netflix one day while browsing. I wasn’t […]

Jul 15, 2017

Leaner Belly Over Night!

After reading stories on this website, I decided to test the law of attraction on something small. I have read snippets of The Secret years ago, and had been reading the other books by the magnificent […]

Jul 14, 2017

Good Karma’s Blessings.

It is so interesting to understand how The Secret manifests itself in your every day life. Simple awareness of the Universe of possibility and the confidence to believe that you can affect the outcome of […]

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