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Dec 31, 2016

It Does Work!

First of all I would love to say thank you to Rhonda, the Universe and God. I am so grateful to each one of you. I finished my school this year and it has been […]

Dec 30, 2016

Unbelieveable Grades!

This is my testimony to how reading The Secret changed my whole perspective on life. I practiced The Secret concerning my academics. I wrote down all the courses I was going to take that semester on […]

Dec 30, 2016

How I Got Into My Dream Course.

Becoming a doctor was not an instant decision for me. In fact, it occurred to me only in the very last minute of my 12th grade. The final year of school and the bridge between […]

Dec 30, 2016

Doing Job Abroad, My Dream Come True.

Thank you to God for giving me happy and joyful life. Dear readers, thanks for reading my story. This is my third success story on The Secret website and I am feeling happy to write here. […]

Dec 28, 2016

Count Your Blessings.

Hi. I live in a lovely beach side city in India. Things were not going too well around January ’16 and I was totally stressed out with work. I knew The Secret and tried to […]

Dec 28, 2016

Ask For It And You Will Get It.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much Rhonda for sharing this wonderful secret with us.When I started reading The Magic it just changed my way of seeing things now. One day after […]

Dec 26, 2016

I Won Two Contests In One Week!

I have seen The Secret DVD as well as listened to the audio. I also have The Power and Hero on audio and have heard it time and time again. Now, I am a Christian […]

Dec 26, 2016

I Still Remember The Day I Prayed For Everything I Have Now.

2010 was the very first time I knew about The Secret. A friend gave me a copy of The Secret film. At that time my life was a mess. The guy I loved left me after […]

Dec 25, 2016

The Immediate Signs.

Thank you Rhonda and The Secret cast. I am so inspired by The Secret and The Magic that my life story is something about just that. Recently I had time and reasons to think about […]

Dec 24, 2016

I Got My Watch!

I would like to thank Rhonda Byrne and all The Secret team for sharing this knowledge with us and God and the Universe for supporting and loving us so much! This is my second story and […]

Dec 24, 2016

My Dream Is My Future.

I came across The Secret in 2012. From there on I became a firm believer of The Secret and the law of attraction. I would love to thank Rhonda Byrne and her team of The […]

Dec 24, 2016

Our Friendly Universe.

I would like to start with massive thank you to Rhonda Byrne for this perfect life that we have now. And thank you everyone who posted their inspirational stories, I come here every single day […]

Dec 23, 2016

True Believer!

Last week Thursday I read a story here that inspired me. A true believer of The Secret wrote about her eye cyst and what she did to dissolve it. I had the same thing for […]

Dec 23, 2016

Parking Woes Begone!

I first read The Secret in 2011 and a light bulb just switched on! Here was the answer to pretty much everything in the Universe! All thanks to Rhonda Byrne and her amazing team of […]

Dec 22, 2016

This Is So Freaky!!!

After reading The Secret and The Power, I decided to keep a star as a symbol to remind me that I am in sync with the Universe and think of something I love around me. So […]

Dec 22, 2016


Thank you lord for giving me one more day.Thank you to Rhonda maam for writing so many amazing books and giving us motivation daily to live this amazing life. So here I will start: I had […]

Dec 21, 2016

Love And Faith, The Unbeatable Pair.

If you ask God he will provide. Ask him what you want, and as long as it is intended from pure love, it is yours. Do not bother wondering when, how or if. You will just […]

Dec 20, 2016

Opportunity Is Knocking!

I went to the Barnes and Noble book store on Sunday, and it was the busiest I had ever seen it. The bookstore had two parking lots, one with limited spaces in front of the […]

Dec 20, 2016

Day 12 Of The Magic.

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you to The Secret, The Power and The Magic. I started receiving gifts from the Universe almost immediately after starting The Magic. The latest is really cool. […]

Dec 20, 2016

White Pigeon.

First of all thank you Rhonda Byrne and The Secret team. This is actually my second story here, I had submitted another story a while ago and this one was on a similar subject. I […]

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