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Jul 23, 2017

Christmas Miracle, Bogo Sale Again!

I am not someone who usually celebrates Christmas. Yet it so happened that over the past few days I happened to watch so many movies which were in some very weird way, revolving around the […]

Jul 22, 2017

Yes It Works!

This is the first time I have used The Power it and yes, it works! Thank you so much Rhonda Byrne and your team of The Secret. The Power has truly transformed my life and […]

Jul 22, 2017

Inspired By ‘How The Secret Changed My Life’.

There were times when I read The Power and The Magic and felt The Magic spread in my life. But somehow I would forget about it and then I was in a plateau phase. The new […]

Jul 21, 2017

Once Only Imagined.

First off, I would like to say thank you again to The Secret team, Rhonda Byrne, God, the Universe and all the people sharing their inspiring stories. Thank you! Thank You! Thank you! This is […]

Jul 21, 2017

Beautiful Hair Again!

This is a story about how I regained beautiful thick full hair with nothing but pure faith. I knew I could regrow the hair which I once had and every day I would visualise my […]

Jul 20, 2017

Got My Whatsapp Chats Back.

Hi. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Let me start with those powerful words. My heartfelt gratitude to one and all. I will keep it short. I just want to say yes, The Secret does work. […]

Jul 20, 2017

Trust The Universe.

I recently was into a terrible situation. It was bad in that all the work I had done and been working for for two years for my Masters degree would go to waste and be […]

Jul 20, 2017

My Manifestations.

I am truly so grateful for The Secret and the for discovering LOA. I have been able to manifest so much!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I first discovered The Secret during a low […]

Jul 19, 2017

How The Secret Changed My Life!

I can not explain how very grateful I am today. I can not give enough thanks for The Secret and each of it’s team members. My story is about how I attracted the new book […]

Jul 19, 2017


Hello everyone, this is my first story here. This is my faith story. I have been practicing The Secret for the last 3 or 4 months and this is my 8th day of The Magic […]

Jul 19, 2017

Ask, Believe And Receive, Thank You!

So back in August of 2016, I had to hand in my resignation because I was going to start my first year at University. Months prior to my resignation, the company I was working for […]

Jul 18, 2017

Vibrational Alert!

I am just so excited to say than you to Rhonda and all the people who share their stories with us. This site and it’s contents are truly inspiring. I am continuing every day to change […]

Jul 17, 2017

Big Red Button.

I have always struggled with believing in things that I had no control over. If I could not visualize it in my mind then I could not see it manifesting. This thought process hindered a […]

Jul 17, 2017

How The Secret Transformed My Life!

Firstly I would like to get thank Rhonda ma’am, all the teachers that are part of The Secret and the entire team of The Secret for making The Secret available to the general public and […]

Jul 16, 2017

The Power Of Visualization.

I started to apply the principles of The Secret and wrote down my goals. I am really happy that I have already achieved the first 3 targets within 120 days time. I visualized a particular amount […]

Jul 15, 2017

Leaner Belly Over Night!

After reading stories on this website, I decided to test the law of attraction on something small. I have read snippets of The Secret years ago, and had been reading the other books by the magnificent […]

Jul 15, 2017

The Secret Changed My Life!!

I am writing here for the second time. All thanks to Rhonda Byrne and The Secret. Ever since I read the book my way of thinking about life has changed drastically. Now I am a […]

Jul 15, 2017

The Magical Month.

Thank you for your wonderful books. I was lucky enough to find them at a very crucial time of my life. Today I’m a totally different person with a positive outlook as a result. I’ve […]

Jul 13, 2017

Faith In Action.

Good day everyone, I read The Secret book for the 1st time in the year 2007. My life changed. The Bible teaches us about renewing our minds daily and The Secret showed me how to […]

Jul 13, 2017

First Time And It Works!

Thank you so much Rhonda Byrne and thank you to The Secret team. The Power has truly transformed my life! I used to weigh 53 kgs and because of The Power I have lost weight […]

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