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Feb 20, 2017

The Rain Stopped!

A few weeks ago I had read the book “The Secret” and I decided to put the law of the attraction into practice . This morning I had about a 1 km to walk to my […]

Feb 18, 2017

19 Years Of The LOA.

It was my 21st birthday and I was sitting all by myself sobbing. I was in depression for a long time, for 2 years and I could not face myself in the mirror. I had […]

Feb 13, 2017

That Girl In The Traffic Jam.

It almost gave me goosebumps when I started contemplating about an experience after I came home from work today! A year ago I was in India driving my Fiat Punto, listening to great songs and stuck […]

Feb 8, 2017

I Attracted A New House!

I listened to The Secret audio book in one day. Straight away after hearing it, I remember feeling all pumped and amazing knowing that I knew The Secret and I had the power to attract […]

Feb 5, 2017

The Power And The Power Within Me.

First I would like to say, life is indeed wonderful, full of love and surprises. Before I begin my story, I want to say thank you to Rhonda and to all the contributors of The Secret. […]

Jan 23, 2017

A Transformation From Unknowing To Knowing.

Exactly a year ago, my life was in turmoil, much like Rhonda Byrne’s was prior to her discovery of The Secret. I was living with my now ex and his parents. I had just finished […]

Jan 15, 2017

I Laugh Everytime I Read My Job List, The Secret Is Magical!

I hated my old company though my job was decent. I’m sure my seniors and Manager had good heart but they were horrible, unprofessional and cheap. I was so desperate to leave but not without […]

Jan 7, 2017

My World Of Change.

I came across this book, The Secret, from a friend and ordered it from Amazon. Back then life was full of struggle. I started chapter by chapter. First l noticed that l was looking much […]

Nov 28, 2016

I Found My Inner Self And Got Everything I Ever Wanted!

The Secret is Great!! I have had a lot of amazing changes in my life since using The Secret, but I’m going to tell the one that seriously got to me. So on April 6th […]

Nov 23, 2016

Leaving The Small Town.

When I read “The Secret” for the first time, I started applying it to my life right away. I did not realize that it changed my life until way later though. I think that it […]

Nov 18, 2016

My Ever Widening Reality Of Magnificent Outcomes.

My favorite principal and the one I increasingly fall back on is the Magnificent Outcomes exercise which Rhonda Byrnes talks about in The Magic and she also refers to in The Power about her little […]

Oct 15, 2016

Oranges, Exams And Flowers.

Well, how do I begin? I found out about The Secret through my cousin who used it to attract an iPhone to her. This sparked my interest and from then on I began researching and […]

Oct 8, 2016

Med School Acceptance After Three Years!

I have wanted to be a doctor for a very long time, probably since the age of about 5 or 6, however I had found it extremely difficult to get in. There are academic entry […]

Oct 5, 2016

Working Slowly But Surely!!

When I first came across The Secret I was at a low stage in my life. My job was really bad, I was an apprentice electrician working for a really mean man who worked for […]

Oct 3, 2016

Ciao Bella!

Hi everyone, this is a Secret Story about the fastest manifestation I have ever attracted in my life. My story starts in NYC, where I’m from. Some of you may remember me as the girl […]

Oct 1, 2016

I Prayed Rain!

I have been practising the law of attraction for many years now, and have manifested a lot of things, some small, some big. But what happened yesterday was just amazing. We are having a torrid […]

Sep 18, 2016

I Always Get What I Want.

I started imagining that I was in the USA already. I listened hip hop and R&B music. I studied American accents not just the language. After I was done with my language study, I won […]

Sep 17, 2016

Live Like A King.

It all started when I was 15. I stopped playing hockey shortly after. My parents were divorced so I had 2 homes. I got in multiple fights with both sides of the family over my […]

Aug 29, 2016

Debt Discounts.

Thank you Rhonda! Thank you Universe! In 2014 I got a phone plan. It was $60 a month and after a year later I ended up accumulating a $1,500 phone bill, which I wasn’t able […]

Jul 9, 2016

Sprinkle Magic Dust Into Your Life.

Dear all, I would like to thank God for Rhonda because through her I have discovered a lot about the abundance of the universe. Thanks to everyone who has posted a story on this platform too. […]

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