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Jan 15, 2017

I Laugh Everytime I Read My Job List, The Secret Is Magical!

I hated my old company though my job was decent. I’m sure my seniors and Manager had good heart but they were horrible, unprofessional and cheap. I was so desperate to leave but not without […]

Jan 7, 2017

My World Of Change.

I came across this book, The Secret, from a friend and ordered it from Amazon. Back then life was full of struggle. I started chapter by chapter. First l noticed that l was looking much […]

Nov 28, 2016

I Found My Inner Self And Got Everything I Ever Wanted!

The Secret is Great!! I have had a lot of amazing changes in my life since using The Secret, but I’m going to tell the one that seriously got to me. So on April 6th […]

Nov 23, 2016

Leaving The Small Town.

When I read “The Secret” for the first time, I started applying it to my life right away. I did not realize that it changed my life until way later though. I think that it […]

Nov 18, 2016

My Ever Widening Reality Of Magnificent Outcomes.

My favorite principal and the one I increasingly fall back on is the Magnificent Outcomes exercise which Rhonda Byrnes talks about in The Magic and she also refers to in The Power about her little […]

Oct 15, 2016

Oranges, Exams And Flowers.

Well, how do I begin? I found out about The Secret through my cousin who used it to attract an iPhone to her. This sparked my interest and from then on I began researching and […]

Oct 8, 2016

Med School Acceptance After Three Years!

I have wanted to be a doctor for a very long time, probably since the age of about 5 or 6, however I had found it extremely difficult to get in. There are academic entry […]

Oct 5, 2016

Working Slowly But Surely!!

When I first came across The Secret I was at a low stage in my life. My job was really bad, I was an apprentice electrician working for a really mean man who worked for […]

Oct 3, 2016

Ciao Bella!

Hi everyone, this is a Secret Story about the fastest manifestation I have ever attracted in my life. My story starts in NYC, where I’m from. Some of you may remember me as the girl […]

Oct 1, 2016

I Prayed Rain!

I have been practising the law of attraction for many years now, and have manifested a lot of things, some small, some big. But what happened yesterday was just amazing. We are having a torrid […]

Sep 18, 2016

I Always Get What I Want.

I started imagining that I was in the USA already. I listened hip hop and R&B music. I studied American accents not just the language. After I was done with my language study, I won […]

Sep 17, 2016

Live Like A King.

It all started when I was 15. I stopped playing hockey shortly after. My parents were divorced so I had 2 homes. I got in multiple fights with both sides of the family over my […]

Aug 29, 2016

Debt Discounts.

Thank you Rhonda! Thank you Universe! In 2014 I got a phone plan. It was $60 a month and after a year later I ended up accumulating a $1,500 phone bill, which I wasn’t able […]

Jul 9, 2016

Sprinkle Magic Dust Into Your Life.

Dear all, I would like to thank God for Rhonda because through her I have discovered a lot about the abundance of the universe. Thanks to everyone who has posted a story on this platform too. […]

Jun 8, 2016

It Really Works, Just Believe!

I had watched The Secret last year and our charitable business was out of funds. I visualized a check, it came a week later, enough to run our premises for a year! This year I […]

May 31, 2016

Got What I Wanted For So Long!

This is my first story on this platform and I’m very, very grateful to Rhonda Byrne and her team of The Secret that has created magic in every corner of the world. This was my […]

May 29, 2016

OMG I Get it! I Understand Why This Works!

I am a person that always has to understand why things are. It is not enough to say a toaster works I have to know why they do so. I am a Christ follower and […]

May 20, 2016

Got What I Wanted For So Long!

This is my first story on this platform and I’m very, very grateful to Rhonda Byrne and her team who have created magic in every corner of the world. This was my first wish to […]

May 20, 2016

The Secret, The Right Way!

I broke up with my then boyfriend in late October last year and stumbled upon The Secret after Googling for ways of how to get him back. He was the one who ended things but […]

May 8, 2016

Fired From Job And Okay With That

Now, you’ve probably read that title and are thinking, “Oh my goodness, this person got fired, that’s terrible!” Not exactly. I was looking to quit long before it ever got to that, but there were […]

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