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Aug 16, 2017

A Small Gift Given By The Universe.

Today I am telling you how I got a small gift that I really wished for. One day my father got a diary at the office and he brought it to our home. I asked […]

Aug 15, 2017

Family Back Together.

My husband and I were having problems. We were both stressed. Too much fighting and arguing. I knew the only way to reconnect was to live together in a little home of our own with […]

Aug 13, 2017

Miraculous Wedding!

First I want to thank the Universe for fulfilling all my wishes. Thank you Rhonda, thank you very much. This is my second story here. I read The Secret in the year 2013 when my […]

Aug 11, 2017

Happy Life!

Lately after being able to be a part of the #Positivesquad, I have realised how beautiful my life has become. I have always been a happy person but I realised that I should be more […]

Aug 10, 2017

Fantastic New York Weather!

I must begin by thanking Rhonda and The Secret team for bringing the knowledge of “The Secret” to the world. I read the book in 2011 and have manifested a great life since then. But […]

Aug 7, 2017

Bye Bye Depression.

I’m a foreign student living and doing my bachelor’s degree in the UK. I was once a depressed soul before I was introduce to The Secret by a friend. Being a middle child in the […]

Aug 6, 2017

A Marvelous Birthday 2017.

Today is my birthday! I had a great time and had a powerful happy feeling all day. I received beautiful flowers, a card and a birthday balloon from my husband that I didn’t expect. Then […]

Aug 5, 2017

Me 2.0.

I have to start my story by sharing a little about my personality. “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst” was the motto of my early adult life. Only instead of focusing on the hope, […]

Aug 1, 2017

My Complete Transformation.

The Secret DVD has been the most inspiration I have ever acquired in my life. I am opening my own business in which I put my best into helping Hispanic people with their taxes. I […]

Jul 28, 2017

Gratitude Is The Best Attitude!

Hello beautiful souls out there! I got to know about The Secret from a really close friend and I have learnt something really, really important from it. I have realized that gratitude is the best attitude […]

Jul 26, 2017

Relax, Really Believe And Visualize.

Hi everybody. I have read The Secret more than 2 years ago. Since then a lot of good things happened to me: 1. I lost 20 kilos. 2. I started my own business, in the end […]

Jul 25, 2017


I have been through so much loss and trauma, stress and depression in my life. The past few months have been particularly bad. I started reading The Secret which my daughter bought me for Mother’s […]

Jul 23, 2017

The Law Of Good Credit.

Twenty years ago, I went from being a new mom in my twenties living in a new house, to being a divorced single mother living in a tiny cottage on my parent’s farm. In picking […]

Jul 22, 2017

Happy Birthday!

I was in the United States and had gained a lot of weight in a short span of time. I wanted to have a baby but could not conceive. My doctor told me to lose […]

Jul 22, 2017

Ask, Believe, Receive.

I have been studying The Secret video for several years. Without it, I would have been suicidal as I faced seemingly insurmountable legal and financial challenges. With The Secret techniques, I visualized winning a two and […]

Jul 21, 2017

Got Leave After Many Denials.

It works like magic. I had read and watched The Secret years back but I had forgotten about it. Three days ago I stumbled on this website while searching for motivational talks. Then I started […]

Jul 14, 2017

Good Karma’s Blessings.

It is so interesting to understand how The Secret manifests itself in your every day life. Simple awareness of the Universe of possibility and the confidence to believe that you can affect the outcome of […]

Jul 9, 2017

Thank You!

I wanted to say thank you. I saw the The Secret documentary about 6 months ago and it has totally turned my life around.I am single mom to a son who barely made ends meet, […]

Jul 8, 2017

Thank You For Uniting My Family!

I would like to thank Rhonda and her team for the amazing series of book. I read The Secret and have diligently followed it’s practices. My husband was working in one city 5 hours away […]

Jul 7, 2017

A Better Version Of Myself.

I was in my hometown, dreaming to see the world and exotic countries, but had a low paying job and a toxic relationship. I did have my inner strength, a loving and caring family and […]

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