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Yes! I Won!

By Mitali
from Bangalore, india

I was randomly browsing through this website reading few stories and thought I should write one, too. After all, The Secret has worked for me! Reliving that moment will push me to further believe in this miracle!

This was in april 2012 when Jack Canfield (author who appears in The Secret movie too) was going to come to Bangalore for a talk about success principles! I knew I wanted to attend this because I've been reading the Chicken Soup series co-authored by him for the last 7 years and was also aware of The Secret by then. And by god's grace I could afford the passes too!

There was a contest on facebook where we could win gold passes! I suddenly remembered my friend who can't afford to pay the pass to the gathering but this was a nice chance for her to win the pass and attend the evening with me and let The Secret work into her life. So I took part in the contest, everyday visualising that I am going to win it and my friend will come along with me to meet Jack Canfield!

I did all that was needed for the contest, all the liking and the sharing and after few weeks with each day as my intention to win became stronger I saw that post on Facebook that I kept waiting for.


I was among the 3 people from Bangalore who won it :) My joy knew no bounds, it had worked! All my imagination, wishes, belief, had won that day and it was even special because it was for my friend who needed it most!!

Yes! I attended the evening with Jack Canfield with my friend just as I had visualized and believe me it was one of the best things to happen in life!

My belief in the powers have grown stronger. I use it in my studies and in my day to day life now and each day is magical!

Thank you The Secret, from bringing a smile on my face a million times! I feel blessed!!

About Mitali from Bangalore, india:

A gal discovering herself by believing in THE SECRET!

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