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Manifesting Happiness... And Also Coffee

By Tyler
from Champaign, IL

Every day for the last week that The Secret has been in my life, I have returned to this site and read the stories to refuel, stay inspired, and keep the faith that I would attract only good things to myself. I kept thinking how amazing it would feel when I would share a personal, life-altering story of great magnitude of the riches, prosperity and joy I manifested with the law of attraction. I do have a story to share, but it is of manifesting something quite small. But this small little glimmer of the avalanche of greatness heading my way has made me realize how I will truly be able to use The Secret.

I recently started by own business venture and have been reading many books on personal development to grow my wealth and turn my financial and spiritual state of being around. In the back of one of these books was a list of recommendations for other books I should also read, because the author believed we should all read 10 pages of a life-transforming book a day. I found The Secret, and knew I had seen and heard of it before, always having been an avid reader and also being a former employee of a large bookstore. I bought the book, and forgot it in my boyfriend's car, so he began reading it before me. From what he would tell me of the book, I could feel that it was something I already understood to a point. I was very excited to read it, so as soon as I got it back from him I dived into the pages and came to a whole new understanding of the power of thought. I always believed in positive thinking, but I never knew the degree to which my constant worrying was harming me. I had been attracting all of these unwanted things to myself, because by law the Universe MUST deliver me my most prominent thoughts.

I used to say that I was the unluckiest person I had ever known, and many people agreed. I used to believe I would always end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. I used to believe that my clumsiness, accidental self-harm and car accidents I was involved in were not my fault, but now I understand that they were within my control. I now tell myself I am a lucky person, who is always in the right place at the right time, that I am graceful and that only good things happen to me. And in return, I have noticed the manifestation of these thoughts beginning to blossom.

I was also telling myself and others about my severe anxiety issues. I haven't had an anxiety attack since flipping open this wonderful book. I also told myself over and over again that my obsessive compulsive disorder was something I didn't want to cope with anymore. You can probably guess that my symptoms worsened every time I said that. Now I tell myself as frequently as possible that I have a perfect mind, and am perfectly sane and balanced. As a result I have seen my symptoms peel away one by one and I am freeing myself from those limitations. I began telling myself I was a money magnet, and slowly but surely I am seeing money come to me in unexpected ways and ideas.

I can tell you countless things that are beginning to happen due to my consistent effort to stay aware and feel good no matter what, because I persistently keep an attitude of gratitude for everything I have like working arms and the ability to see, even for every horrible occurrence in my childhood because they brought me to be the beautiful being I am now. But I just want to share one small but powerful story about manifesting a cup of coffee.

After reading The Secret, I of course bought the film as well and have been watching it daily. There is a point in the film in which Bob Doyle suggests starting with something small and attracting to yourself a cup of coffee. I am a huge coffee fanatic and upon seeing this, I thought, "Well, that shouldn't be too hard. Most of the time I find ways to get my hands on some coffee, even when I'm broke." I asked to manifest coffee, and I believed that it was already mine. Then I completely forgot about it.

Everything else I have asked for, the money, the happiness in my relationship, the car and the joy, I think about too much and so they are not coming to me as quickly as possible, because I have too many moments of doubt! However, a few days after asking for the coffee, I decided to go grocery shopping with my mother. My mother and I have a strained relationship and I was booted out of her house several times for being a financial burden. But the more I continue to ask the Universe that our relationship get better and the less I complain about the hurt and disconnect between us, the more she contacts me and asks me to come visit her! Or even stay for a couple of days.

So, we're grocery shopping, and she just keeps asking me for what I would like to keep at the house to eat when I visit. Before, this wouldn't happen. So I tell her and she loads a few things in the cart. Finally, I get to the coffee aisle. I grab 3 expensive, high-end bags of coffee and return to her and show her them. She tells me to put them in the cart. We walk by the coffee again, and I see another coffee I had been dying to try, so I pick it up. And she bought me that bag of coffee too! I didn't manifest just one cup of coffee, I manifested four BAGS of coffee! Simply because I asked, believed without a doubt, and then received.

Immediately upon asking watching The Secret again today, I realized what I had done and how I had done it. I just had unwavering faith. I acted like a cup of coffee was already mine and I FELT GOOD, so the Universe exponentially increased the amount I received. I had also asked the Universe for more reasons to have faith that what I asked for I would receive. The Universe gave a me a reason to have this faith, AND showed me how to do it. Now I know that I just need to ask and let go and trust that the Universe is working in my favor. I am so blessed and ready to receive the abundance of phenomenal things and experiences the Universe has waiting for me around the corner!

So feel good and have faith, my friends. God bless!

About Tyler from Champaign, IL:

A 20 year old boy who was blessed to have attracted The Secret to himself and has the fullest, most magnificent life imaginable ahead of him.

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