The Creative Team

Meet and learn about The Secret’s core creative team, who are dedicated to producing the very best life-transforming books, films, and multi-media to help bring joy to billions.



Paul has over 25 years experience in the media. Producer of the global documentary film phenomenon The Secret, Paul is a company director, and writer and producer of film and television projects. Now a published author, his book, The Secret to Teen Power, has been released in more than 30 languages worldwide.

Paul currently heads up the marketing and development division of The Secret, overseeing social media, communications, and the creation of mobile Apps that convey messages of inspiration, self-empowerment, and happiness.


Senior Editor/Writer/Producer

In 2006 Skye became the company’s Senior Editor when she edited The Secret book. She has since edited The Power, The Magic, Hero, The Secret Gratitude Book, The Secret Daily Teachings, and The Secret to Teen Power, and is also one of the company’s music and audiobook Producers.

Skye first joined The Secret team as a Writer and Production Assistant at the most exciting time in the company’s history – right before work began on The Secret documentary film in early 2005.

Skye was born in Australia and studied Professional Writing before she joined The Secret. She currently works with her mother, Rhonda Byrne, in the development of books and screenplays in The Secret’s California office, and is the Executive Producer for The Secret’s upcoming motion picture film. Skye has her own book out now, The Power of Henry’s Imagination, which will be the first children’s book for The Secret.


Creative Director/Illustrator

Creative Director for The Secret, Nic’s illustrations and artwork have featured in the books The Secret, The Secret Daily Teachings, The Secret Gratitude Book, The Power, The Secret to Teen Power, The Magic, and Hero, as well as The Secret film, and now, his own book, The Power of Henry’s Imagination, written by Skye Byrne.

He has worked on the creative direction, design, and media development for The Secret film, The Secret books, audiobooks, eBooks, and App. Nic has overseen the creative direction for The Secret’s publications and film in all world language editions.

Nic joined The Secret team in 2005 after learning ‘the secret’ first-hand from Rhonda Byrne, and worked as a Graphic Artist on the production of The Secret documentary film.

Nic was born in Australia and has a background in Fine Arts and Design. He continues to work closely with Rhonda Byrne from The Secret’s California office on all publishing and film projects. Nic’s illustrations and artwork for The Secret’s first children’s book, The Power of Henry’s Imagination, can be seen here.