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Language: English+
Req.: iOS 3.1+ Android 4.1+

The Secret to Money App

Language: English+
Req.: iOS 3.1+ Android 4.1+

*Now available on Android and iOS

Do you want to know The Secret to Money?

The Secret to Money App is designed to change the way you think about money, and to radically change the circumstances of money in your life.

Featuring a personal development program of daily activities, there are 5 powerful practices that will help you develop a wealth mindset.

Through The Secret to Money, you will come to appreciate the true purpose of money in your life; you will discover all of the ways that you secretly manifest money every day without even realising it; and you will experience the freedom of unlimited wealth and what it feels like to have, be, or do whatever you choose.

The Secret to Money is your key to the life you have always wanted.

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★★★★★ Review – The Secret to Money App iOS
“It works!!! For those that have practiced the secret you know that sometimes we doubt the truth that it really works. I doubted the app after practicing it religiously for two months. A month later I received a job offer with a sign on bonus, an amazing yearly bonus and guaranteed yearly increases. I also received a check for more than $70k from another situation. Remember imagine, believe, receive. Thank you to the universe and my God!!!”
By nena76  · v1.1.4  · United States

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Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, and Hindi.

Requirements: iOS 3.1+ (or Android 4.1+)

Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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These are the 5 powerful practices featured in The Secret to Money:

DESIRES: In this practice, you create a list of 7 things you would buy if money were no object. This list reminds you of why you want more money in your life, and what it would actually feel like to have the things you desire most.

PURCHASES: In this practice, you will change your mindset about money by spending large amounts of money in your imagination. Every day, you will receive virtual checks in escalating amounts from the Bank of the Universe.  Using your imagination, you “spend” each check on whatever you want or need, and record these purchases within the app.

MANIFESTED MONEY: In this practice, you record all the ways that you have manifested money today – money you have received, saved, were gifted or refunded. You will be surprised by how much money you begin to manifest every day that you are practicing The Secret to Money.

DAILY INSPIRATIONS: When it comes to money, a little bit of inspiration goes a long way towards increasing the money in your life. In this daily practice, you will receive inspiring, specifically chosen messages in order to help you change the way you think about money. Each inspiration is available to share.

AFFIRMATIONS: Affirmations are positive statements that you make to create a positive mindset and change your life on a particular subject. In this daily practice, you will read 20 unique affirmations of wealth and abundance to help change your money mindset.