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How do I install The Secret To Money app?
If you have bought The Secret To Money App using the Play Store function of your phone or tablet, the app will download and install automatically. If you have bought the app from the Google Play Store on a separate device or computer but on the same Google account, you won’t need to buy the app again – you simply need to select “reinstall” and it will download onto your phone/tablet.

I have installed the app, but I cannot see the icon.
First of all, click on the App drawer button (white square with grey dots) in the dock of your home screen and check through the app icons on the front page. You should also check inside any folders containing multiple apps. If the icon for this app is not on this page, swipe right-to-left to check other pages. If you cannot find the app icon on any of these pages, return to your home-screen and swipe right-to-left to see if the icon is sitting on any of these secondary home pages. Again, check inside any folders containing multiple apps. If you still can’t find the icon, return to the Play Store and search for the app. When you select the app within the Play Store, you will see install, uninstall or play buttons – if the app has not installed correctly or has inadvertently been deleted, you need to select install once more. You can also select the play button if the app is already loaded on your device and it will launch the app.

I accidentally deleted the app off my Phone/Tablet, how do I restore it?
On your phone or tablet, go to the Google Play store home page and tap on the icon with three horizontal lines which is located in the top left corner. Next, click on “My apps & games”. Next, select the “All” option. Here, you will find a list of all the apps that were pre-loaded or that you have downloaded free or purchased, whether or not these apps are still on your device. Scroll down the list to find The Secret to Money. The tab on the right will indicate that you have purchased the app previously so you can simply select it to re-install.

How do I restart the app from the beginning?
The easiest way to restart the app from the beginning is to delete the app from your device, and then go to the Google Play app, tap Menu (3 horizontal lines icon top left), then tap My apps and games, then tap Library, then tap The Secret to Money, and finally tap Install or Enable. The app will then reload and begin at the welcome screen.

How do I change the currency within the app?
Available options for the currency used within the app include dollars, pounds, euros, rand, rupees, yen and won. The currency is automatically set according to the region setting you have chosen under Language & Region in the Settings menu of your device. If the region in which you reside does not use one of these currencies, the app will default to dollars. If you wish to change the currency to one of the available currencies listed above, you need to change the region setting of your device.

How do I get updates for the app?
Updates will be posted on the Google Play Store, and will be updated on your device via the Auto-update function according to your device settings. Alternately, you can update manually within the Play Store once you log in on your device. From the Play Store home screen, select the icon with three horizontal lines, which is located in the top left corner. Next, click on “My apps & games”. Here you will find a list of all apps installed on your device. Scroll down to find the Daily Teachings. On the right hand side, you will see a button reading either “INSTALLED” or “UPDATE”. The INSTALLED button indicates that there is no new update available. The UPDATE button will indicate that there is an update available. Click on the button and the updated version will download to your device.

How do I gift The Secret To Money app to a friend?
Currently, the Google Play Store does not offer a way to directly gift an app from one Google account to another outside the USA. The only way to gift apps on Android devices outside the USA is to purchase a gift card and allow the recipient to make their own choice of app or other digital content.

Within the USA, the process to gift an app from one Google account to another is as follows: 1. Open the Google PlayStore. 2. Tap on the Menu icon, which is located on the upper left corner. 3. Tap on “Send Gift” and follow the onscreen instructions.


How do I access each of the practices within the App?
From the Home screen menu, you can access each practice by simply clicking on the name of the practice.

How do I return to the Home screen menu?
From most pages of the App, you can access the Home screen menu by clicking The Secret red wax seal at the top left of screen.

How do I access instructions for the App?
There are two ways to access instructions: the main one is the HOW TO + SETTINGS page, accessed via the Home page menu, offers detailed instructions for each practice. However you can also access popup tutorials from within each practice by clicking the coloured icon at the top right of the page you are on.

How do I view text that is longer than the screen?
Swipe the screen up and down to scroll down pages that are longer than one screen.

I accessed the FAQ from within the app but now I’m stuck – how do I get back to the app?
Simply click on the red Secret icon at the top left of screen to return to the app.



What do I do with these checks that I receive?
Simply click the deposit button and the check will be deposited into your Purchases account. From there, you can choose to “purchase” anything you desire, by entering the details along with the cost. Make sure to spend your check in full so as to keep the flow of money coming your way.

Why didn’t I receive a new check today?
To receive a new check each day, you must complete all Secret To Money practices when the app notifies you to do so. In particular, ensure that you spend the balance of each day’s check in Purchases, make at least one entry in Money Manifested, and be sure to read all 20 Affirmations as well as your Daily Inspiration.

I missed a day of spending my check, and now when I enter the app, there is no new check. I received a notification earlier telling me I still had money to spend to get my next check, but there is no money in the balance. Where is my new check?
On some versions of the app, the new check  is only available immediately after the notification arrives. If you are unable to spend your check at the time of the notification due to time constraints, at least try to open the app and deposit the check so that you can return later to spend it. You can also change the time the notification arrives to a more suitable time when you are able to deposit and spend. In order to receive an outstanding check that you cannot retrieve, either wait for your next check notification or try changing the notification time to right now and open the app as soon as it arrives (NB. this solution will only work if you have not received a check notification today).

How do I read my 20 daily Affirmations?
The Secret To Money Affirmations practice provides 20 Affirmations for you to read each day. You will receive one Affirmation to a screen/page. Once you have completed reading each Affirmation, simply toggle to the next page using the NEXT button in the bottom right of the footer. You can back track to the previous Affirmation by clicking the PREVIOUS button at the bottom left of the footer. The App will alert you once you have completed 20 Affirmations.

How do I “manifest money” in the Money Manifested practice?
The Money Manifested practice allows you to discover all the ways in which you receive money, or the benefits of money, throughout the course of your day without even realising it. In this practice, you are required to take note of any payments you receive, but also record instances of monetary value coming to you in other ways. For example, if a friend pays for your lunch, buys you coffee, or shouts a round of drinks at the bar, record it as money you’ve manifested. Likewise, if you go to purchase something and you find it is discounted by 30 percent, or if you get a refund for something, or if you find money in your jeans pocket you didn’t know you had, record that as money manifested. Any time you have a financial “win”, that’s money you’ve manifested.

What should I include in my Desire List?
The Desire List invites you to consider your 7 greatest desires – that’s to say, the 7 things you would acquire today if you had all the money in the world. This is your opportunity to let your imagination run wild, so list anything you’ve always wanted but felt you could never afford.

How do I edit the items I have submitted into the Purchases, Money Manifested and Desire List practices??
If you make a mistake or change your mind regarding any item you have entered into Purchases, Money Manifested or Desire List, simply click on that item and you will be taken to another screen with the item preloaded ready for you to edit. Delete or alter your entry as you wish, and once you are happy with your edit, click the “Save” button in the middle of screen. If you decide against making any changes, you can exit the Edit screen by clicking the “X” at top right of screen.

Can I share content from The Secret To Money app?
Yes. You can share a passage from the Daily Inspirations via the SHARE button at the footer of the page. You can share the Daily Inspiration text to SMS, email and Twitter. You can share an unique image containing the Daily Inspiration text to Facebook and email.

Can I share any other parts of the app such as my daily check?
You can snapshot any page throughout the app using the in-built phone or tablet screen capture function. You then source the resulting screen capture and attach to social media, email or SMS posts.



How do I view the copyright information?
A full copyright disclaimer can be found in SETTINGS.

How do I change Notification alert times?
The Secret To Money app automatically provides Notifications to alert you to complete practices throughout the day. These Notifications are pre-set with default time settings. You can change these default times by clicking on HOW TO + SETTINGS on the Home screen menu and then selecting NOTIFICATION TIMES. Adjustments can be set in 1 minute increments on a 24 hour clock.

How do I cancel Notification alerts?
If you no longer wish to receive Notification alerts for The Secret To Money app, you can turn them off by accessing Notifications in the Settings menu of your phone or tablet. Scroll down the Notifications menu to find The Secret to Money, then turn the Notifications on/off switch to off.

My Notification alerts are not working. How do I turn them back on?
If you wish to receive Notification alerts for The Secret To Money app but you are not currently receiving them, first of all, check the time settings in the HOW TO + SETTINGS menu under NOTIFICATIONS. You can adjust the times of each notification in 1 minute increments on a 24 hour clock. If these are all set to your liking, now go to the SETTINGS menu of your phone or tablet. Scroll down and select Notifications and then scroll down and select The Secret To Money app. Turn the Notifications on/off switch to on.



When my 28 day program of The Secret To Money is complete, do I have to pay to keep using the app??
No. The app continues indefinitely sending you weekly checks and offering access to the other practices. You can also restart your Secret To Money from Day 1 and repeat the daily  28 day program any time you like. The easiest way to restart the app from the beginning is to delete the app from your device, and then open the Google Play Store app, tap Menu (3 horizontal lines icon top left), tap My apps and games, tap Library, tap The Secret to Money, and finally tap Install or Enable.

Is The Secret To Money app a subscription service?
No, it is not a subscription service. You do not have to pay periodically to keep using this App.

How do I learn more about The Secret and its principles?
The Secret is available as a book or DVD via the STORE. Alternatively, a number of useful tools and inspirational stories of lives transformed through living the secret can be found on the website. You can also subscribe to The Secret Scrolls, periodic email messages from Rhonda Byrne, and News From The Secret team.

Where can I join with others to discuss ‘The Secret’?
The official online community of The Secret can be found on Facebook.

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