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Mar 26, 2015

Change Of Attitude With Love And Gratitude

I will try to keep my story short and sweet but before I start a heartfelt thanks to Rhonda and Team and all of you followers of The Secret who post stories which inspire me […]

Mar 26, 2015

Sing A Song For Myself.

I grew up thinking that I would expect every negative outcome to happen in every circumstance in my life. That’s just the way I was taught to think. Never expect something good to come out […]

Mar 23, 2015

The Biggest Relief.

I am a Doctor working in Government service in India. My life is overloaded with stress due to struggles with poverty. Being emotional I suffered a lot of depression in my life. And as a […]

Feb 17, 2015

Living In Your Dreams.

This stuff changed my life. The Secret. I was a lonely kid without a brother and sister, just me and my poor family. Always thinking about why am I alone or why am I not […]

Feb 16, 2015

Double Gift

I am a caring person and I lived a worried and sad life. One day I went to the library and I saw The Secret book. I bought it and was interested in it, but […]

Feb 14, 2015

I Won!!!

First of all I would like to thank Rhonda for sharing The Secret with the world, you deserve all the best in your life. I found out about The Secret a few years ago, it […]

Feb 7, 2015

Thank You Everyone.

I want to thank Rhonda and her entire team for spreading this message. Also, The Secret Stories here are so inspiring and help me mentally. I had always wanted to study my Masters abroad. Today, […]

Feb 4, 2015

A Happy Angel.

I want to say my gratitude to my mother and Rhonda Byrne. First I want to apologize to you for my bad English. I had read The Secret book two months ago and saw the […]

Jan 20, 2015

Wake Up Call.

First I would like to say sorry for this terrible English. I’m from Germany but I would like to tell you how my life changed with The Secret and I’m glad to have read this […]

Jan 1, 2015

Temptations And Four Tops Tickets

I was introduced to The Secret a few years ago, but was never quite able to make it work. I subsequently watched the DVD and read The Power, The Secret, The Magic and recently, Hero. […]

Dec 27, 2014

Wish Comes True.

I always wanted to travel when I was in school. Luckily I had a dream in which I had asked, believed and received and then I was successful in traveling with my friends abroad and […]

Dec 19, 2014

Magic Stick

Dear Rhonda, My co-worker told me to listen to The Secret a few months ago and it blew my mind. I’d like to share my short story of using The Secret with you. I love […]

Dec 8, 2014

So Much Happiness.

First I want to apologize for my English, maybe not so perfect but I wish with all my heart to tell you my experience after I’ve studied The Secret. I did not know about the […]

Nov 24, 2014

My Dream As A 9th Grader

In 2009, I was a freshman in high school. My passion at that time was playing trumpet in the band, and still is to this day. But during my 9th grade year, I was the […]

Nov 18, 2014

Music As Inspiration

I came across The Secret quite by chance about 3 years ago when staying with my family. I saw it in the room I was staying in and read it during my visit. As I […]

Nov 17, 2014


First of all, thanks you Rhonda Bryne for your beautiful book. So my life was so boring, like many other people I was also not much good at school. My parents I felt, hated me […]

Nov 16, 2014

Thank You Rhonda!

Today I was a first hand witness to the power of The Secret. The good things it can bring and the bad things too. Thank you Rhonda for sharing this great knowledge with me and […]

Nov 6, 2014

I wished to meet Steve Angello, and I did!

This is truly amazing, a few months ago the Swedish House Mafia played in Denmark for a one last tour, I live in Malmo, Sweden so it only takes 20 minutes to get to Denmark. […]

Nov 4, 2014

My guitar

Hello, I’d like to thank Rhonda for everything first of all! Well, my story started when I started loving guitars. I loved them so badly. My parents refused to buy me one. I write songs […]

Oct 3, 2014

I met my favorite musician!

As I am writing this , I am filled with enormous gratitude ! Thank you , Thank you Thank you so much Rhonda and the team and also to all people here contributing to my […]