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Live an extraordinary life and awaken your dreams!

The Secret to Teen Power explores the Law of Attraction from a teenager’s point of view.

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Imagination is the creative force of the Universe!

The Power of Henry’s Imagination is a picture story book exploring one of The Secret principles: visualization.

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The easiest, fastest way to lasting happiness is to practice gratitude.

Find the 28 most powerful gratitude practices in The Magic!

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Love everything around you, and the love MUST come back to you - a hundred fold!

The Power reveals the greatest force in the universe, and exactly how to use it - for better relationships and for everything you could ever want.

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Whatever dream you are dreaming, KNOW that the Universe wants you to succeed.

Hero lights the way for your dream - step-by-step through every challenge, hurdle, or set back - until it is realized.

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Great health comes from having great thoughts and FEELING great.

The Secret Daily Teachings provides a simple, inspiring way to keep your thoughts and feelings positive every single day of the year.

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Apr 14, 2008

How The Secret Came Into My Life

Not so long ago I found myself wandering at a book store, looking for a book on life. I had no idea what I wanted exactly, all I knew is that I wanted to leave […]

Apr 14, 2008

Don’t Be Fooled!

Just over a year ago I decided to focus on one of my businesses, as opposed to the 3 different businesses I had going. A 400% increase in my income resulted. That’s only the beginning. […]

Apr 14, 2008



Apr 14, 2008

The Small Stuff

I started listening to and practicing The Secret last summer. It has been a bit of a struggle. I have a tendency to see the bad in everything (what could happen). I started practicing little […]

Apr 11, 2008

Abundance of love

My father was spiritually a very high human being throughout his life. He was a real spiritual seeker. He could always tell the difference between genuine saints and those who posed to be. Whenever he […]

Apr 10, 2008

The Secret and my son’s diagnosis…

I just want to say “Thank you” to the author Rhonda Byrne for writing this book. I have a somewhat unique life story, and have had many obstacles I have had to overcome in my […]

Apr 10, 2008

The Secret Really Worked For Me!

I had previously watched The Secret and thought that is was a great idea, but didn’t do anything with it to change myself or my surroundings. I recently had a major surgery, was recovering for […]

Apr 9, 2008

From Average to the Alps!

I saw The Secret one year ago. Its profound message started me on a spiritual journey that transformed my life. I have always been an optimistic person so I had no trouble believing in the […]

Mar 14, 2008

Found The Missing Part

I feel all my life I’ve been looking for something outside of me to be happy. No matter how many great things were happening in my life, still I wasn’t truly happy. I started to […]

Mar 14, 2008

This is life and you have to live it

It was one day in July that I found out that my parents were getting divorced. I was feeling deeply depressed for about three months when my mother bought me something that would change my […]

Mar 14, 2008

God led me to “The Secret”

I have suffered secretly with an eating disorder for over ten years. It had taken over my life, and I knew the only way I would get over it was to go into a treatment […]

Mar 13, 2008

Great Show! Great Seats!

I have been not only learning about the Secret, but practicing it, and it is a huge part of my life. I learned a long time ago to listen to your feelings – the universe […]

Mar 13, 2008



Mar 13, 2008

JOY And Gratitude Created My Ideal Body

Since watching “The Secret” I have been using it for many things, and have been amazed at how quickly and how well it works when I truly believe and feel. It has worked for boyfriends, […]

Mar 13, 2008

Amazing Find!

In late December I got 2 beautiful puppies, although they were puppies that each weighted 25 pounds. As I would sit and spend time with them they had a habit of nipping at my ears. […]

Mar 13, 2008

Ask and it is truly yours

I purchased the DVD of The Secret one year ago this month. I was literally at crossroads in my life, unsure of what to do next. I had been a steadily working actor for years, […]

Mar 12, 2008

“The Secret” changed my life!

It was one of those usual days when my dad came home and asked me to read a book because he believed that it could make a difference in my life. I started reading this […]

Mar 12, 2008

Used the Secret without even knowing!

I grew up Catholic, and during Confirmation classes we had to listen to an abstinence talk. The speaker told us a story about a girl who prayed for her future husband to be safe and […]

Mar 12, 2008

All this in a year!

My story began about a year and a half ago, when my friend Laura started sharing dreams and “Ra isims” with all of us. She started talking to me about how we can have everything […]

Mar 12, 2008

The little lion in the bag

I just finished reading The Secret about two weeks ago. I saw it discussed on Oprah and thought it sounded like a fascinatingly simple strategy to a happier life. I began practicing right away, on […]