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Jan 8, 2008

Getting the job you’ve always wanted

After hearing about The Secret and watching the DVD, my life changed. I had been waiting to hear back about a position that I considered my dream job. For three weeks I prayed, focused on […]

Jan 8, 2008

Getting my family back living together

I currently live in NH. My husband lost his job in the summer of 2006. He accepted a job in Washington state, 3000 miles away. Unfortunately, my daughter and I could not follow yet as […]

Jan 8, 2008

The secret works

I have lived my life blaming everyone in my family, school teacher, friends, workmate etc for my unhappiness and what conceived to be my failing in life. So as usual i have always watched Oprah […]

Jan 8, 2008

Believe it, get it and enjoy!

Hi! My story begins with a lot of gratitude to all of you! Thanks a lot! Because I was starting to lose the faith I always had, and watching The Secret reminded me that Law […]

Jan 8, 2008


I was on vacation the week that The Secret shows aired on The Oprah Winfrey Show. DVR is a beautiful thing! I have been searching for all of my life for what was right in […]

Jan 8, 2008


I read The Secret and watch the movie. I realised I could have anything I wanted. I wanted to visit the USA to do a course in May. To enhance the work that I already […]

Jan 8, 2008

Love Multiplies

My goal has always been to make my entire living as a working musician, with the main thrust of my work being writing and recording. I have always been a responsible contributor to my family’s […]

Jan 8, 2008

Abundant Job Opportunities

For almost a year I’ve been in the most boring job of my entire career. I was frustrated, uninterested, and disgusted. I decided in January of 2007 that this would be my year of change. […]

Jan 8, 2008

Keep on Believing!

I came across The Secret while watching Oprah. I truly believe I was meant to see it. I was so inspired by other’s stories, and continue to be every time I read the ones on […]

Jan 8, 2008

It’s SO amazing! It really works!

Well, I don’t even know where to start. How about the beginning? My boyfriend saw the Secret quite by accident one night on a website. He watched it and was telling me how good it […]

Jan 8, 2008

Life is good!

My husband and I watched the Secret about a month ago. Since that time a couple of things have happened. We had a pile of bills we weren’t sure how we were going to pay. […]

Jan 8, 2008

The speed of light!

I had just started the last chapter of The Secret yesterday and was already putting out good thoughts and feeling good. I had visualised a sum of money which will arrive this weekend, so I […]

Jan 8, 2008

Everything is coming up roses!

My story is pretty cool. One day, while I was at work, I was talking to my friend and I just said to him: “You know what I would like to see? 500 flowers in […]

Jan 8, 2008

Enlightenment on the Past

I am new to The Secret (relatively), as I only viewed it for the first time around mid-December of last year (2006). Before I begin my short stories on how The Secret has affected my […]

Jan 8, 2008

Blank Check Helps co-workers

During one of our sales meetings, our manager brought in “The Secret” for us to watch. We were all amazed and immediately started using this in every part of our lives. Whether it was at […]

Jan 8, 2008

Visualization without realization

I was married at 19 and had been giving up my passions in life to “make my marriage work”. At 25, I “stumbled” into a new job and I saw great opportunity. I had always […]

Jan 8, 2008

10 Minutes To Foreign Aviation License!

I just finished The Secret book in the last two days. Eager to start using the methods, I decided to concentrate on a problem my husband’s been dealing with for some time. His aviation school […]

Jan 8, 2008

A baby on the way and no job in sight –

Exactly a year ago, my husband and I had a strong feeling that he needed to quit his job. He was not happy there, and felt attracted to being self employed. Oddly enough, this feeling […]

Jan 8, 2008

Faith of a mustard seed

This is so great, I am so greatful. A friend showed me this dvd and I liked it very much. Then on Feb. 8th I saw the Oprah Show and made up my mind to […]

Jan 8, 2008

Finally the new beginning

I lost an excellent job after 9/11 and was working as a salesperson for the past 6 years. The ups and downs of the business were constantly stressful, no regular paycheck meant that it was […]