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Jan 8, 2008

My Fears!!!

I have had a fear which has controlled my whole life! I am afraid of being locked in somewhere and being able to not get out, or have no control over getting out! I have […]

Jan 8, 2008

The world shifted.

I was tasked with a huge job in our corporation. one I had failed at a couple of times previously. This time I used a Focus Item that represented my goal, and kept it in […]

Jan 8, 2008

Amazing! Simply amazing!

I am a stay-at-home mom and wife, and felt rootless for years without a “real” career or aspiration. I was always happy doing what I was doing, but I think others looked at me as […]

Jan 8, 2008

I got a free trip to Quebec City!!

It was just around Christmas of this past year when I discovered the power of “The Secret”. I was purchasing some music on iTunes and decided to see what they had to offer for audio-books. […]

Jan 8, 2008

Perfect Job : FOUND

After having listened to the Oprah show in February, I went out and purchased the book, the DVD and the audiobook for my IPOD. I spoke about the Secret with everyone in my circle of […]

Jan 8, 2008


Three days ago I decided to buy The Secret “book on tape.” I’ve been working on my masters program and the thought of reading more didn’t jive well…so I loaded the four disk set onto […]

Jan 8, 2008

A Brand New Job

I recently put in my two weeks notice to find a new job. I was absolutely miserable at the old one. I felt constantly drained of energy, stressed out, depressed… I felt like this even […]

Jan 8, 2008

Secret Challenge

I discovered The Secret about 3 weeks ago through friends who own a spiritual shop here in town. I purchased the book first and started reading. Then I viewed the dvd and decided to issue […]

Jan 8, 2008

changed in less than 3months

I was 17 living with my ex and not being happy – I had no job no money and all my friends were fake, my whole world crumbled to my feet. I moved to my […]

Jan 8, 2008

Phone call for my dream job

This all happened before I knew about The Secret, but it is an excellent example of manifesting your dreams. Several years ago I participated in a summer music festival in Italy, and I was immediately […]

Jan 8, 2008

Asked for and got promoted, pay raise

March 17, 2007: Asked for and believed that I’d get promoted and a pay raise. April 11, 2007: I got promoted and a pay raise! As I type this, I am completely amazed and overwhelmed […]

Jan 8, 2008

the next step…

Greetings. I just wanted to take a brief moment to share how the law of attraction is currently working in my life. The day after watching and applying the Secret (recommended to me by the […]

Jan 8, 2008

My $5,000 Check

As part of my training for my job we were presented with the Secret to watch. I had my doubts. I thought, what the heck is this? We have to watch a video called the […]

Jan 8, 2008

Work in Progress

I grew up with a spiritualist family. I was always told that words are living things. I had always been exposed to the mysteries of life like a family of gypsies. So the secret was […]

Jan 8, 2008

Real Estate Listings In Abundance

For the month of March, I decided to focus on getting at least 2 new real estate listings, despite the fact that I haven’t had a new listing in a few months. Nevertheless, I stayed […]

Jan 8, 2008

New job!

After working at the same job for almost 14 years, I was ready for a change. A posting that I wanted came up and I applied. I had applied for this job before but didn’t […]

Jan 8, 2008

A Warm Light…

I’m not too clear on the dates, but I believe that it was sometime in the beginning of February when I planned on going to the bookstore to get a book for work. I quickly […]

Jan 8, 2008

From no job to dream job!

My husband and I discovered The Secret through my family and instantly watched it……..mesmerised! My husband (surprisingly) couldn’t keep his eyes off the TV. Things weren’t going well at work for my husband, so we […]

Jan 8, 2008

First Gift through The Secret .

It was after I lost my Job in Feb 07, that I came to know about the Secret though a link I got from the internet. I immediately looked up the site and then also […]

Jan 8, 2008

Exploring the World with the Secret

In 2005, I was living in a basement. Yes, it was an actual basement but even more so I was living in the basement of life. That’s how I define that period in my life. […]