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Live an extraordinary life and awaken your dreams!

The Secret to Teen Power explores the Law of Attraction from a teenager’s point of view.

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Imagination is the creative force of the Universe!

The Power of Henry’s Imagination is a picture story book exploring one of The Secret principles: visualization.

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The easiest, fastest way to lasting happiness is to practice gratitude.

Find the 28 most powerful gratitude practices in The Magic!

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Love everything around you, and the love MUST come back to you - a hundred fold!

The Power reveals the greatest force in the universe, and exactly how to use it - for better relationships and for everything you could ever want.

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Whatever dream you are dreaming, KNOW that the Universe wants you to succeed.

Hero lights the way for your dream - step-by-step through every challenge, hurdle, or set back - until it is realized.

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Great health comes from having great thoughts and FEELING great.

The Secret Daily Teachings provides a simple, inspiring way to keep your thoughts and feelings positive every single day of the year.

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Mar 18, 2020

There Was A Future Me Who Is Glad I Never Gave Up!

I am finally doing this! The law of attraction has drastically changed my life. It helped me to discover my true self, my potential to do things that I never thought were possible. The way […]

Mar 17, 2020

How I Found My Lost iPhone.

First of all, I am truly grateful to Rhonda and her team for sharing all the amazing books that help to guide us on our path for the betterment of our lives. This is a […]

Mar 17, 2020

Life Is Beautiful!

This story is long overdue. I had been heavily in debt since 2008 and started reading The Secret in 2012. Sometimes I wanted to have The Secret CD and because I was practicing theLOA I […]

Mar 16, 2020

Ex Came Back When I Let It Go.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, everyone, for sharing your incredible stories here. A few years back my ex broke up with me. I was so desperate to get back with him. I discovered The […]

Mar 16, 2020

The IIM Bangalore Story.

Firstly, a big thanks to Rhonda and The Secret Team and also to all those wonderful people who put up their stories here. I gave this exam called the Common Admission Test (CAT) for admission […]

Mar 14, 2020

Thank You!

My sincere appreciation goes to Rhonda, The Secret team and everyone who posts success stories here. Thank you all for your inspiration and faith. I just saw my success story was posted today and I […]

Mar 13, 2020

Just Let It Go And Believe!

First off, I’m so grateful to God, the Universe, my Higher Self, and of course, Rhonda Byrne and The Secret team for sharing this knowledge with us all. I had a little luck manifesting a […]

Mar 13, 2020

How I Fulfilled My Dream To Study In The UK.

I was failing badly in my exams. Year after year it was the same story, I would fail to reseat but I would still hold on strong to my dream of becoming a lawyer. Years […]

Mar 12, 2020

Blessed With A Baby That Was Not Possible!

We married and were hoping to have a baby soon but after years it just was not happening.  Then we consulted doctors and did many tests. That was how we found out that both my […]

Mar 11, 2020

Dying To Graduate.

I hated school. Nearly every day of 9th grade was spent sleeping in class or skipping class to play handball by the cafeteria. Across the street from my school was a raunchy motel, where I […]

Mar 11, 2020

Manifested My Ex Back And A Perfect Relationship!

I shower thank you’s to each and every one of you who have helped to inspire, share, and spread positivity through your messages and stories. I am sharing because all the stories here have helped […]

Mar 10, 2020

Signs From The Universe.

First of all, thank you to Rhonda Byrne and her team of The Secret for changing the lives of many people around the world. I was introduced to The Secret from one of my friends, […]

Mar 10, 2020

Visualized My Dream Home Into Existence.

I just finished college and had to move to a different city to study for an entrance exam and get a job. I wanted an apartment in this particular apartment complex that was in a […]

Mar 9, 2020

Phone Call.

First off, thank you, thank you, thank you to Rhonda and her team of The Secret. I was not on good terms with my mother. Then I read The Secret. I started to forgive her […]

Mar 9, 2020

There Is Magic Inside Of Us!

The weight of life was so heavy that it literally felt as though someone was pushing me into the ground. There was a constant pain in my neck and shoulders. After many trips to specialists, […]

Mar 9, 2020

Manifested The Perfect Result.

Firstly, I would like to thank Rhonda ma’am and the entire team of The Secret for magically changing the lives of millions! My story is just like any other student. I was introduced to The […]

Mar 9, 2020

Ask, Believe, Receive!

I had always believed in destiny and that nobody can get more or less than what is destined for them. Then I came across a quote by Henry Ford “Whether you think you can or whether […]

Mar 8, 2020

Paid Internship!

I moved to the US in August of 2008 for my MBA. In September of 2008, I watched in disbelief as the US financial market crumbled. I had left behind a great job and family […]

Mar 8, 2020

EAD Approved In A Week!!

Hi, Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much Universe and each and every one of you that make my life so happy, joyful and exciting. My visa and EAD were […]

Mar 7, 2020

I Manifested The Exact Home I Wanted!

I have been meaning to submit my stories of manifestation here for some time so it feels good to finally be doing it! I recently moved into a home that I completely manifested using the […]