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Jul 7, 2008

Thnak you Rhonda

Dear Rhonda, All I wanted to do is to say THANK YOU. I am so grateful that the universe brought you into my life. It was June, Friday the 13th – my lucky day as […]

Jul 7, 2008

The beginning of the beginning

I first heard about The Secret from my Mom, who’s so into the spiritual books and Osho and all that stuff… so I thought it was one of those books. She watched the movie and […]

Jul 3, 2008

It’s never too late

All of my adult life I have been in and out of relationships. Just recently I broke up once again. Suddenly I thought to myself, why does my life always end up the same? I […]

Jul 2, 2008

Thank you For your Stories!

I began reading The Secret at the start of this month. I am grateful to it for coming into my life at such a great age of 24. However I had not noticed much change […]

Jul 2, 2008

I gave a chance to myself

Hi. I’m Jeff, I’m from Brazil. Well, as many people in the world, I grew up without my parents. My parents broke up I was still a baby. It was very hard for me and […]

Jul 2, 2008

Got lucky… Again!!!

3 weeks ago I sent my first testimony to this site. And I just wanna say thank you, really, that the universe manifested what I asked for. The dream job I was looking for with […]

Jul 1, 2008

Forced to learn

I had been searching for the truth most of my life. I did not believe that what society tells us is enough, and I didn’t believe life had to be hard. I knew deep in […]

Jul 1, 2008

Starting Out Small

I have been picking up and putting down The Secret for months. I am still not done reading the entire book but I have been putting to practice what I have read thus far. Two […]

Jul 1, 2008

The first step: Gratitude

Dear Rhonda and people who believe in The Secret I was in a very depressed negative phase when I took out your book from the library shelf. I live in Japan, after spending 14 years […]

Jun 27, 2008

LoveDare, The Secret and My Son

I have always dreamed of being a father, but being a single gay man with a job that requires travel I figured my dream would never be realized. I�d heard about The Secret but kept […]

Jun 26, 2008

The Secret Saved My Life!!

After a long-term relationship of over 7 years, I found myself alone and penniless. I was in shock, not knowing that my relationship was ending. I was not prepared. A job working in security did […]

Jun 25, 2008

Back to the Spirit

Dear Rhonda and Team, I am writing to thank you for helping me get back to my spirit. As a result of viewing and listening to The Secret (about 18 months ago), I am now […]

Jun 25, 2008


Like many others out there, I have been living my life in an absolute emotional turmoil, with a tornado of problems sweeping me from every direction. It was just the same as being caught up […]

Jun 25, 2008

I knew it all along…

I can’t believe this… but I do… All I have, all I ever had and all I will ever have, is due to the Secret. The Secret has been working for me for many years, […]

Jun 25, 2008

“Remember to remember”

In life it seems, we tend to get side tracked if we don’t “remember to remember”. As children, we believe in things wholeheartedly. As adults, we forget to remember because we permit worries and concerns […]

Jun 25, 2008

Starting to believe

About two weeks ago, while watching a t.v. program, the hostess and her guest were telling about a book named The Secret, and each of them was telling great thing that has happened to their […]

Jun 24, 2008

My youngest daughter has cancer

I was devastated when my youngest daughter told me several months ago that she had a form of blood cancer. She is just 23 years old, and was told this by her doctor after many […]

Jun 24, 2008

Downward Spiral

A few months ago my life had spiraled out of control. The one I loved had left me for someone else and the people around me weren’t fairing well either. I fell into a state […]

Jun 24, 2008

Believe and you will receive!

For thirteen years I was married to a man who emotionally abused me. Without realizing it, I allowed him to change how I felt about myself. I went from having the highest self-esteem one could […]

Jun 24, 2008

Driven by Inspiration

My wife and I were out one evening for dinner and afterwards decided to go to a local bookstore to browse about. We entered not looking for anything in particular, but I felt a very […]