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Dec 1, 2018

Manifesting A Single Room At College.

Before my college years I hadn’t known about The Secret at all, not from one soul. It was so until my Practicals when Bonang Matheba, who is my inspiration, mentioned that it contributed to her […]

Dec 1, 2018

I Got My Perfect Job!

Hi, I have lost count of the number of success stories I have written. And unbelievably, each one of them was published. For a change I’m going to keep this one very very short. I left […]

Nov 30, 2018

Work Role Change.

Hi! This is my new story about how I am attracting what I truly long for. I have been working with this IT company in Mauritius for the last 13 years. Just like most of […]

Nov 29, 2018

Life Is A Dream With The Right Mindset!!

As I am writing this I would like to thank Rhonda and her team for putting out such an amazing gift to the Universe. I am so grateful for the opportunities I am given each […]

Nov 28, 2018

If You Want It, Feel It. Attracting My Dream Car!

My love and fascination with the law of attraction started when I was in the public market in our local municipality here in Biñan City, Laguna Philippines when I came across those vendors selling DVD’s […]

Nov 27, 2018

Got My Dream Course In My Dream College!

I’m an Indian. I always wanted to be an MBBS doctor. I gave the kid’s PMT for the first time in 2016 and I failed. I prepared again and a bit more seriously and I […]

Nov 26, 2018

In Demand.

In 2016, I was going to sign up and join the United States Navy. I knew during the recruiting process that being in the service was not where my heart lied. I am a very […]

Nov 24, 2018

Had Bad Exam Twice And Still Qualified!

Blessings to everyone, I appeared for one of the most prestigious job exam in my country which takes place once in 2 years. I did little preparation and my exam went so horrible that after […]

Nov 23, 2018

Everything Works Out.

Life has taught me so well. I had been out of money to pay my bills. I had been deserted by family and friends. I had misused myself, my body and my mind. After a total collapse and surrender, […]

Nov 22, 2018

Who Knew Thoughts Could Be So Powerful?

I started reading The Secret less than a year ago. Someone that has now a big place in my life introduced me to it. My life wasn’t bad before The Secret but I was really stressed […]

Nov 21, 2018

Unbelievable And Believable!

I had learnt about The Secret long time back ago in my school and then from my best friend, but never followed it. My bestie would always pester me to follow it. Then one day […]

Nov 18, 2018

Manifested My Dream Job.

Hello blessed souls out there. I am a young adult, a boy who graduated and was jobless for half a year. I did a few jobs which literally only lasted me for a few days […]

Nov 17, 2018

I Manifested A House!

We had been renting a home for a good while and I really wanted to own our own home. My husband had changed jobs so it meant we had to wait 2 years for him […]

Nov 16, 2018

Your Faith Is Stronger Than Your Problems!

I am writing this story for people who have lost hope, are feeling hopeless or think that they will never get out of a similar situation. I am writing this to reiterate the faith of […]

Nov 16, 2018

Manifested My Acceptance Easily And Effortlessly!

First of all, a huge, heartfelt thanks to Rhonda and The Secret team for spreading such a wonderful power, The Secret, with the world. The Secret was introduced to me by my sister when I […]

Nov 14, 2018

I Am Going To Save Lives!

I was so messed up my years growing up. I looked pretty normal and mundane on the outside but inside me was a storm. And believe me, it was not anything good. Discovering the law […]

Nov 12, 2018

Dreams Do Come True!

I was a victim of child abuse by my landlord’s son. As an adolescent, I had an immense temper and everything lead to destruction. I lost the will to dream. My teacher handed me The […]

Nov 4, 2018

Bought The Secret At A Heavy Discount.

This is truly a life changing book. It has helped me and people around me live life for the better. Being a believer of the law of attraction and the receiver of all my desires, […]

Oct 31, 2018

Used The Secret Without Even Knowing It!!!

Seven years back, I really wanted an IPTV connection, called a streaming TV service! I had forced my parents to get it as soon as possible. But it was unreasonably expensive, not that it was […]

Oct 25, 2018

Learning French.

I have been using law of attraction on many aspects in my life. I wanted to learn French but it was not a subject that was offered in my school. Since I had time before […]