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Work Made Big Dreams Come True!

Submitted by: Joana

Got up one day and decided to make a change. Living my own life now!


Dear lovely readers,

Without further a do I am going to jump right in. The Secret is an amazing book. It helps us understand the laws of the Universe and gives most of us hope when we discover it in a dark phase in our lives. Thank you to Rhonda, her daughter and the whole team of The Secret for that!

The part that had been missing for me though was the work I needed to put in to get what I wanted. I could dream, believe and achieve but there is no such thing for me as just wishing and visualizing for things by sitting at home and hoping for a miracle. I also had to do something for it. I used to be the biggest procrastinator in the world and was thoroughly addicted to the internet. I would waste hours and days by watching TV shows, instead of getting up and living my own life. Then one day I looked back on all the time I wasted and trust me, I was shocked that years had gone by. And don’t get me wrong, I got stuff done. I had ups and downs, but I was not really living. I was not feeling alive. I was on auto-pilot and didn’t want to put in the effort to save myself from my daily boredom and I preferred to distract myself with the internet.

Here is what I achieved by living The Secret:

1) I passed 2 exams that I had been putting off for the last couple of years. The joy and pride I felt were indescribable.

2) I managed to forgive my father and focus on the positive and create a harmonized atmosphere in the house, which took a lot! No details needed.

3) I lost weight. 10 kg to be specific. I now look gorgeous. Yes, I can say that and I don’t mean to sound pretentious but I am proud of myself for being disciplined and pulling through. That feeling when you look in the mirror and can actually really see your bone structure. I love my cheekbones more than ever. You wear jeans and look stunning. You are not ashamed anymore. Bikinis are something you would love to wear every day without feeling the need to cover up. And people stare!! They genuinely do. And everyone asks you, how you did it? You feel light and sexy and want to scream out because you are so happy!

4) I finally decided what I want and where I want to do it. I put in all of the effort needed and got into Oxford University. That was a dream that I used to think was too big. I start next year!

5) Love. I let go! I just felt so thrilled about my life and all of my achievements that I genuinely forgot to even dream or wish for love, which, might I say, I used to be doing obsessively without anything happening. Now I am in love with my life. And it feels fulfilling, there is no “void” to fill, just an amazingly, fulfilling life someone can be a part of, if it happens.

6) Money. I have wanted to get around 200.000 € for my studies at Oxford in order to not put my parents in a place of having to work harder for me. I won the EuroMillions and received my money!

Don’t dream too small. Trust yourself and be proud of what you have achieved until now and then open the book of your life and open a new page. You can make your dreams come true. You have got nothing to lose!

I love this community so much. Thank you for all the support and stories throughout the years. Thank you all so much!

Love, J.

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