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When you wish upon a star

Submitted by: Imelda

Whittier, CA

I'm in sales as an independent Truck Broker


My story covers a lot of things in my life, my work, my family, and my relationship to my husband. Hard to cover it all in a short story, but it is all related to the Secret so here it goes…

I chose the title to this story because if you live in California it’s all about Disney, and if you have ever listened to the words to that song “When you wish upon a star” it is like the theme song to the Secret. I can only imagine what the writer was thinking, but I am sure he was inspired to share something he knew years ago.

I ‘wished upon a star’ many times, and was usually always told by people who didn’t believe that “it was just childhood dreaming”. “Dreams don’t come true and if they do you have to work hard at it”, and I started to believe them. But something in my heart always told me that what I wanted was obtainable, and whenever there was something that I really really wanted the feelings I would get overtake me into day dreams of having that which was the object of my desires. And it didn’t matter if it was a job, a house, or even a husband – it always manifested the same mysterious way, like a wish or a dream.

Of course years ago I had not heard about the Secret, but I always knew there was something out there making things happen for me.

Low and behold, years before The Secret came to be I started coming across books written by the same people that were in The Secret, that were writing about manifesting. It caught my interest, I practiced what they wrote about, I found as much literature as I could to see what every book had to say, and it all pretty much gets summed up in “The Secret”.

A few years before The Secret came to be I was going through the lowest point in my life. I wasn’t happy at my job, my daughter was out of control (literally), my husband (who I know was brought to me from my desires of a mate years back) was also unhappy, I was so down and depressed that I had forgotten what it was like to dream and manifest, until I saw “The Secret”. It helped me remember that I could have anything I wanted and all I had to do was ask with belief and desire in my heart, and my dreams would come true again.

I recently started looking at my life and realized that even through my darkest days the Universe was still working with me, waiting for me to come back from the darkness of depression to where I am now. It wasn’t an easy road back, believe me, but it has gotten so much better.

I left the job that brought me to my state of depression, my husband and I are happier now, and my daughter has gotten her life back together and everything has turned around.

I am doing something that I always wanted to do, which was to work from home and for myself. Actually I can work from ANYWHERE thanks to the Internet, computers, and the type of business that I have chosen. I can travel all over the U.S. if I chose to and work or have fun, I am my own boss, make my own hours, and more money then I did when I worked for someone else. Not to mention that I am appreciated by my customers for the work I do.

I believe my wish upon a star has come true thanks to God, “The Secret”, and believing.

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