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And A Way Will Be Made.

Submitted by: JE



Everything about me had always been a bit different. I followed different interests and had unique tastes. Hence, even my career choice was different from my peers. I wanted to be a musician, and for that, I wanted to study at a top ranked University in the UK.

For an Indian citizen, dreaming of getting a degree in western music sounded too ambitious. I talked to an education counselor about my dream of studying music in the UK. He said he was impressed by my determination but I didn’t have any of the standard qualifications that my competitors had. The reason being, is that in India, there are no standard exams for music that I could take. The few I would be able to take to prove myself, I was taking already, but they weren’t enough. He explained that in a bunch of people with great qualifications and experience, I would be invisible. He told me to rethink some of my plans.

I came from the meeting feeling really small. Was it true that I couldn’t do it? That it wasn’t possible thanks to my circumstances? But suddenly, I recalled The Secret and Henry Fords words, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right”.

I told myself, sure you can’t see any way of getting into University now, but have faith and a way will be made. You will get a way of achieving all those qualifications and you will make it. I believed truly and kept saying, “A way will be made for those who ask for it.”. I asked the Universe to give me a defined path to follow to achieve my dreams, instead of the vague plans I had now. I also felt splendid because I was on vacation during that period and so I was able to simply let it go.

In about a week, my dad called me and said, “Do you remember Karl Lutchmayer? The pianist whose concert we attended and you loved it? I found his Summer Academy in India! I signed you up for his classes!”. My heart stopped. Karl is a famous English professor and pianist and I couldn’t believe he would travel all the way to India from the UK to teach a summer academy! But he was, since he had some roots in this country. I found details about the academy and felt excited about it all day. Of course, I got selected into it with my high vibe.

But the manifestation was yet to come. The academy was for 6 days. On the 4th day, Karl asked me what my education plans were. I had completely forgotten by that time that I had asked the Universe for a way. I told him how I’d like to study in the UK. He said, “But where will you get the entry qualifications from?”. I replied that I had no plan but I’d do anything that would help me to get in and that I was open to anything and everything that would help me satisfy the qualification requirements.

He said calmly, “Why dont you apply for the independent study programme with the college I work for?”. My eyes widened. What was he talking about? Karl explained that the program was by TL Conservatoire for students like me, who would need help with professional qualifications and experience. Through the program you could complete all the exams you required and choose to study at any place, even some University different from the TL Conservatoire in London. This was a unique program of the TL Conservatoire, as no other University offered something like that. It was a year long course and it was very useful, yet no one knew much about it.

I was amazed. Suddenly I knew what I needed to do to get the qualifications. Where I was clueless a few weeks ago, now the entire path was clear to me. The Universe had delivered the path. Now I only had to get into this program and the rest would be done!
“But do you think I’d be selected for this program?” I asked Karl. “I wouldn’t have told you about it if it wasn’t possible for you” He said.

Now it makes sense to me. I wouldn’t have ever dreamt of going to University in the UK if it wasn’t possible for me. The fact that I dreamt of it means that is is possible! I needed only faith that a way would be made. Now my life is set. I need to get into the program which is quite easy for me, go to London and then I’d be taking all the qualifications needed.

I want everyone to know that when you don’t see the ‘how”forget it and ask for a path. It will be made. Just believe that the Universe can clear all boulders for you to find a way.

Thank you Universe and thank you to the entire team of The Secret!

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