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If You Want It, Feel It. Attracting My Dream Car!

Submitted by: Aaron Ray (Ayer)


I'm a person who can absorb all the emotions, ideas and inspiration the Universe has to offer. I love my life and I enjoy the journey. I am grateful that I am energy. I love God, The Secret and the law of attraction.


My love and fascination with the law of attraction started when I was in the public market in our local municipality here in Biñan City, Laguna Philippines when I came across those vendors selling DVD’s and CD’s. It wasn’t on my list of things to buy but I gave it a try to see if there was something worth watching. As I browsed, I saw one cover that really struck me. It had the title THE SECRET written on it. I thought it might be great and it really was! As soon as I got home, I was so excited to see the movie. I thought it would be like an adventure packed movie just like Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings. Little did I know that it was going to be a much better one. One that would change my life forever.

Fast forward. I really wanted our family to have a brand new car as we only had second hand ones before. I thought to myself what if I use the law of attraction to get that brand new car? I had used the LOA effectively in terms of attracting small things so why not? I started to think of what I want specifically wanted in terms of what brand, color and model for our brand new car to be. At that time there was a brand new model Mitsubishi released,  an all new Mitsubishi Adventure. I started seeing it on the streets and on my way to work. I knew that it would be perfect to cater our family because we are 7 in the family including our grandparents. I started writing it on my gratitude journal listing, all the specifications, down to the last detail. Every day on my commute to work, I always sat beside the bus window to check to see the same model on my one and a half hour journey to the office from home. Without a doubt, every day I would get to see the same model of my dream car on the streets and I would feel very happy and very grateful seeing it. It almost felt like I have it already had it, that I was the owner of every car of the same model driving across the highway. It felt so real and I saw myself inside it as I closed my eyes at the moment of seeing one. I would feel very happy and full of energy the whole day! I also printed pictures of it and placed it in my vision board. This went on for two and a half months!

One day I heard my family talking about my Dad coming across a car display from one of the biggest malls in the Philippines. He immediately bought one after a very kind and enthusiastic car sales agent was able to convince him to buy the vehicle. I was in shock but at the same time very happy that finally the long wait was over! I then realized that what my Dad ordered was not really the model, color and specs that I wanted, but instead of feeling sad about it, I talked to my Dad. I was able to convince him to  buy the top model instead, with the color and specs that I wanted and he agreed! I immediately informed the sales agent but she told us that the color we want is not available and we have to wait for 2 weeks time to process the order.

Long story short, we patiently waited and voila! The next thing I know we are already at the car dealership signing the papers! It was really a magical journey indeed!

We can really do, have, and become what we want, if we first know what we want. Then focus on it, believe it and know in our hearts that it is already given. Things do happen if you believe and put your faith in it! God bless everyone! I love you all!

Thank you to The Secret Team and Rhonda Byrne for introducing us to the law of attraction!



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